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Birdshot capture provided by TBA Films.

Birdshot | Film by Mikhail Red and TBA Studios

Truth be told, I was super distracted while watching BIRDSHOT. Refer to my previous social media post about my iPhone problems, among other things. Nonetheless, I tried my best to immerse myself in the film.

If you have no idea what Birshot is about, check out this trailer.

As Maki of Pinoy Movie Blog put it, this film as almost perfect.

The story is gripping. I was constantly questioning the characters and even myself throughout the film. Every detail, every plot point was carefully revealed and every moment is nothing short of breathtaking. This is no horror or suspense film but it kept me awake, in attention, and in a state of tension and anticipation. (At least every moment I wasn’t distracted.)

The acting is flawless. Probably, my favorite performance by John Arcilla. Yes, more than his portrayal as Heneral Luna. But my favorite is that guy you often see in teleseryes and movies in a supporting role aka Arnold Reyes. You can read his thoughts and feel his emotions in his eyes, in his every action. And you can feel his presence in every scene he’s in. Hindi siya nilamon ni John Arcilla.

Maya, beautiful Maya played by Mary Joy Apostol is a sight to behold. I sometimes forgot that she is just an actress. And that everything is not actually happening in real life.

The thing that really made me appreciate this film most is the masterful ending. I won’t say too much coz I’m still hoping it wil be shown in the cinemas soon and the film’s conclusion is best experienced firsthand.

And yes, I am still hoping I will get another chance to watch Birdshot in the cinema again soon.

This film gives me so much to look forward to from the Filipino indie film industry. And I would like to express my thanks and commendation to the filmmaker Mikhail Red, TBA Studios, and everyone involved in making the film.

Birdshot is definitely a must-watch film. Thought-provoking, timely, and excellently crafted.

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Screen capture of Birdshot from TBA Studios PR.