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Why I Love Iloilo

Everybody knows I’m fiercely in love with Davao but if there’s one place I’d consider relocating to, it would be Iloilo. Iloilo is a small city with a whole lot to offer.

Historical and Cultural Tours

I love that Iloilo has a lot of nice architecture and historical places from our colonial past. The photowalk I did with friends was very interesting. We took a walk around downtown for several hours. We had a friend, who’s a history nut, do the tour with us and he shared some very interesting anecdotes. We ended up in Fort San Pedro to watch the sunset over Guimaras. Such a beautiful site. And a great place to have your photos taken.

Jorry Palada, Tim Noble, Mary Jane Cabrera, Ria Jose, Mawe Barrios
With Iloilo Bloggers at the Camino Balai na Bato

Recently, I was able to visit and take a tour of the Camiño Balai nga Bato in Villa de Arevalo. It is a well-preserved house from the colonial times. The Camiños was one of the pioneers in the Iloilo weaving industry. And the entire ground floor used to be dedicated to weavers and weaving looms. Most of it still is now. The modern weavers create various sinamay and other cloths that would make for great Filipiniana wear. The Camiños still live in the house so there are a lot of modern gadgets and appliances inside the household. The tour includes a taste of heavenly hot tsokolate paired with kinihad. Kinihad is toasted bread.

The Sinamay House is nearby so we also dropped by to admire the old house and take a look at some of the beautiful sinamay cloth for sale.

Delicious food

If you’re a foodie like me. Iloilo will definitely make you happy.

Iloilo is known for its abundance of fresh seafood. Most of it come from Roxas and other nearby towns, but they are still fresh and affordable in Iloilo. My favorite restaurant in Iloilo is Breakthrough. They have a selection of fresh seafood and an abundance of oysters. You can have your pick of seafood and have them cooked the way you want them… grilled, steamed, in a soup, or kinilaw (ceviche). It’s by the sea so it’s quite far.

Food at Breakthrough Iloilo
Food at Breakthrough

Good thing they now have Ponsyon by Breakthrough in Plazuela Iloilo, right in the middle of downtown, a stone’s throw away from SM Iloilo. Try the Aligue Rice, Baked Scallops, and the sinigang.

A few doors away, also in Plazuela Iloilo, is Maridel’s. Maridel’s serves up a very strong brewed coffee, perfect to drink with any of the delectable cakes and pastries they sell. My personal picks are the Lemon Meringue Pie, the Heaven or Hell Cake, and the Vodka Cake (it’s like rhum cake, only with vodka).

If you like sweets, you must also try some goodies from Mama’s Kitchen. It is also located at the Sinamay House. They sells crisps which are thin crispy cookies. My favorite is the Pinipig Chocolate Crisp. Mmm… It’s great to munch on while you’re touring the city or as pasalubong to give to your friends.

And of course, no trip to Iloilo is complete without buying pasalubong from Biscocho Haus. I find that biscocho makes the aunts and uncles happy while butterscotch and barquiron makes the cousins and friends happy. There are other companies that sell these but I think Biscocho Haus is still the best.

Molo Soup at Carlito's in Iloilo
Molo Soup at Carlito's

Biscocho Haus in Jaro has a restaurant, Carlito’s. They serve delicious food,as well. You might want to try their Molo Soup and the Baye Baye ala Mode.


Another place to visit for good food and some drinks is Bourbon Street. They have great food. Try their pasta or their beef stew. Or maybe just have a few drinks.

If you want to party hard, I suggest you drop by Flow in Smallville. The place is great and it is said that this is where the beautiful people hang out. (Probably why my friends brought our group there. LOL!)

Both Bourbon Street and Flow are located in Smallville, the center of Iloilo’s nightlife. There are also lots of other bars, restaurants, cafes, and even hotels in the area.

There’s definitely a lot of things to do and enjoy in Iloilo. It’s a place I’ll always look forward to going back to.

During my two visits there, I stayed at One Lourdes Dormitel, a great place for budget travelers. And at Eon Centennial Plaza located at the heart of the city, and not too expensive, as well.

So what are you waiting for? Discover history, food, and an exciting party scene in Iloilo. ๐Ÿ˜‰

For more information on Camiño Balai nga Bato, visit their page.

The Eon Centennial Plaza Hotel is located along Jalandoni Street. Visit their site.

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AirPhil Express Banner
Ria Jose in Binondo

I’m Leaving on a Jetplane…

Ria Jose in Binondo
Take me to Binondo?

Well, not really on a jetplane. But I’m leaving for a while. Gonna take a trip to Manila. And to Iloilo.

My Manila trip will be full with official functions and work meetings. But I am going to squeeze in some fun. Will try very hard to everything on my Manila checklist. Really looking forward to Binondo, Mercato Centrale, the museums, and the MRT! And I might be able to cook for my friends again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It will be a long trip full of stuff to do, work to accomplish, and people to get in touch with. Might be a bit stressful, but it will definitely be fun.

The Iloilo trip will be much shorter but I’m looking forward to doing as many things as I can while I’m there. Iloilo is one of my favorite places. Mostly because it’s like Davao, but also because it has a lot of heritage spots and great, great, greaaat food. Won’t be able to do a lot in 2 and a half days but I hope to enjoy the trip a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

I know I’ll be leaving a lot of work while I’m gone and a lot of things will be put on hold. But this trip will definitely be productive. And FUN! There’s nothing like mixing business with pleasure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ll miss you Davao…

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Ledesma House in Iloilo City Philippines

Looking Forward to Iloilo Again

Ledesma House in Iloilo City Philippines
Ledesma House

I was able to go to Iloilo City for the first time last year and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The people, the food, the sights, and the over-all ambiance of the city made me feel at home.

My Iloilo trip opened with quite a bang. A relative treated Winston and I to a lunch at Breakthrough. Winston declared that talaba was just as delicious as oysters. LOL! Aside from generous amounts of oysters, we also had shrimps kinilaw, crab meat omelette, and grilled fish. All of them memorable. My uncle almost convinced me to take a road trip to Roxas just to eat even more seafood.

I was able to go on a walking tour of Iloilo City with bloggers Fitz, Don, Winston, Rina, and our knowledgeable guide, Sam. I enjoyed it even if I absolutely loathe walking. Iloilo has very interesting architecture and old structures from the Spanish era are still in place. Plus, they have many beautiful churches with interesting stories.

Iloilo City
Beautiful Architecture in Downtown Iloilo

The tour ended with a sunset view of Guimaras and a hearty dinner at Carlito’s, punctuated with Baye-Baye ala Mode.

I was able to go out a couple of nights. I ate yummy ribs and beef stew at Bourbon Street, drank a few beers, and sipped a bit of coffee.

I spent the rest of the trip on blogger related activities. And the walking tour’s stress and the heat of the sun got to me so I spent my last day sleeping and resting instead of enjoying more of Iloilo. So I vowed I will come back to Iloilo again.

Talaba (Oysters)

I got to take home with me a whole lot of Iloilo goodies. I got boxes of biscocho, butterscotch, barquiron, and other Ilonggo treats. The butterscotch is my favorite. I had too much of it. Good thing my cousins and friends loved the butterscotch as much as I did so they helped me finish everything off.

When the opportunity to visit Iloilo again came, I got super excited, grabbed the chance, and booked a flight right away. I am very much excited to go to Iloilo again to experience more of it.

Ilonggo friends, got any suggestions on new stuff to do and try out in Iloilo? ๐Ÿ™‚

PS A belated thank you to the Iloilo Bloggers who made my first Iloilo trip very memorable. Special mention to Byahilo who invited me to visit Iloilo. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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