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Move On Mo Mukha Mo!

Sinasabi mong wala kang pakialam kasi di ka naman direktang apektado ng Martial Law. Eh kung gayon, tongenuh! Bakit ka pa nag-effort magpost tungkol doon? Wag kang papansin. Kung talagang wala kang pakialam, tahimik na lang.

Sinasabi mong move on na kami. Eh ikaw nga nangingialam ka sa di namin pag move on, kami pa kaya na nawalan ng magulang? Tongenuh mo!

Sinasabi mong magpatawad na kami. Paano magpapatawad ang taong di hiningan ng tawad? Paano magpapatawad kung patuloy na dine-deny ng mga may sala ang kanilang mga krimen? Paano magpapatawad kung maraming nagsasabing hindi totoo at hindi lehitimo ang sakit na nararamdaman namin? Tongenuh mo!

Sinasabi mong legal ang nangyari. Eh tongenuh! Paano na yung pag-aresto, pambubugbog, pagkawala, at pagkamatay ng libo-libong Pilipino, ano na?! Legal ba yun?! Tongenuh! Move on kami doon pero kayo di kayo matahimik kasi ayaw namin ipalibing ang isang kriminal?! Move on kami kahit na pinatay ang mahal naminsa buhay pero kayo di kayo makapag move on dahil di malibing ang isang kriminal? PAKYU PO!!! PAYASO AMPOTAH!!!

Sinasabi mong marami siyang nagawang tama at mabuti. Eh tongenuh mo! Dahil ba nakagawa ng mabuti peke na lahat ng pagnanakaw, pagkitil sa demokrasya, pagpatay, at panggago sa sambayanang Pilipino?!

Sinasabi mong kasalanan to ng ibang tao dahil nanggago rin sila. Tongenuh!!! Pag ikaw binugbog, magiging ok lang ba sayo yun dahil ang ibang tao may binugbog din na ibang tao? Kagaguhan!!! Hindi dahil may nagawang mali ang ibang tao eh ok na yung may libo-libong Pilipino ang inaresto, binugbog, at pinatay?


Give us back our innocence. Give us back a childhood free of fear. Give me back a healthy, whole family. Give me back my father. Give me back everything I lost and never had. Kaya niyo bang ibigay sa akin yun? Kaya niyo bang ibigay yan sa libo-libong Pilipinong naging biktima ng Martial Law, sa kanilang mga anak at mga kamag-anak?

Hanggang hindi namin nakakamit ang hustisya, hanggang may mga taong patuloy na di inaamin ang katotohanan tungkol sa Martial Law, walang sino mang makakapagsabi na move on na kami. Dahil tongenuh niyo… kung hindi ipinaglaban ng mga bayani at martir ng Martial Law ang ating kalayaan, tayong lahat walang karapatang ihayag ang kahit na anong gusto nating ihayag. Kung hindi sila nagsakripisyo, we will all continue to live in fear and squalor.

Di kita pinipigilang magpakamangmang, tanga, bulag, at bobo. Kaya tongenuh, WAG MO RIN AKONG PIGILAN AT PAKIALAMAN NA MAGALIT, HUMINGI NG HUSTISYA, AT IPAHAYAG ANG AKING NARARAMDAMAN!

Tongenuh mo. Pakyu. Wala akong pakialam kung gusto mong maniwala sa mga gusto mong paniwalaan. Truth is whether you believe it or not, THOUSANDS OF FILIPINOS suffered under Martial Law and you have no effin right to tell us we have no right to be hurt or angry.

Hindi kita pinipigilan sa pagiging tanga, bobo, at insensitive mo. Choice mo maging ganyan. Ako choice kong ipaglaban ang mga ipinaglaban ng mga magulang ko. Choice ko maghanap ng hustisya. Choice kong ipaglaban ang katotohanan. Choice ko na patuloy ipaglaban ang demokrasiya para sa akin, para sa bawat Pilipino… pati na rin para sayo na patuloy na nagpo-post at nakikipaglaban para sa mga maling bagay.

Binuwis ng Papa ko at ng libo-libong Pilipino ang buhay nila para malaya mong paniwalaan ang kahit na anong potang inang katangahan ang gusto mong paniwalan at ipaglaban. Kaya WAG MO AKONG PAKIALAMAN KUNG DI AKO MAKAPAG-MOVE ON AT PATULOY KONG IPINAGLALABAN ANG KARAPATAN MONG MAGING MALAYA.


Pablo’s Effects Still Felt by Survivors

It has been one year since Typhoon Pablo (Bopha) hit the provinces of Compostela Valley, Davao Oriental, and Davao del Norte but its effects are still greatly felt by survivors. Classified as a Category 5 Typhoon, Typhoon Pablo struck on December 4, 2013. It affected over 6 million Filipinos and over 2,000 were left dead or are still missing.

Image by Anj Nacorda of AnjNacorda.com
Kinablangan, Baganga, Davao Oriental
Image by Anj Nacorda of AnjNacorda.com.

Save the Children is an organization focused on giving children “what every child deserves – a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm.” They have been on site for many months now and they assert that there has to be an increase in support to help families fully recover the impact of Typhoon Pablo on their livelihood.
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Ria Jose in Binondo Chinatown Manila Philippines

Re-Discovering Chinatown in Binondo

Ria Jose in Binondo Chinatown Manila Philippines
Eating Duck Empanada

I have been to Manila countless times and I kinda lived there when I was in college. So every time I look for something different to do each time I go back for work or vacation. When I made my November 2011 Manila Checklist, a Binondo Tour was one of my priorities.

Binondo is Manila’s Chinatown, the oldest Chinatown in the world. It is where most Filipino-Chinese families settled during the Spanish era. It is located along Pasig River across the Manila’s Walled City of Intramuros. The enterprising Chinese settlers made it into a bustling center for trade and commerce. Until now, a lot of Fil-Chinese families reside in Binondo and a lot of their businesses are still located in the vicinity. And of course, it is teeming with food establishments that specialize in various Chinese cuisines.

I have been to Binondo only a couple of times. Both times, I enjoyed the tour despite the scorching heat of the sun. The combination of food and history was irresistible to me. I was happy that my friend, a Binondo resident (100% born and raised in Binondo) offered to be my tour guide. As a Chinese food lover with Chinese roots, I was excited.

With my tour guide extraordinaire Dennis Lim, and tour buddies Ralph Lim and Yvette Deloso, I took another adventure around Manila’s Chinatown, Binondo:

The video does not do much justice to the whole day of eating, hearing trivia and historical anecdotes, and enjoyable walking. We visited 8 restaurants, ate 5 times, took home some tasty treats, drank sugar cane juice, dropped by 2 churches and 1 temple, passed by 2 arches and the Jones Bridge, and learned more about Binondo and our Fil-Chinese community.

My top foodie picks: Taro Puff at Ying Ying Tea House, Chinese Style Fried Chicken at Sincerity Restaurant, Egg Yolk Pao and Salt and Pepper Squid at Fu Yuan Tea House, and Chicken Pie from Diao Eng Chai (DEC). Will definitely blog more about these at Kusina Maria.

This Binondo Tour made me want to go back, again and again, even if there’s too much traffic and too many people on the streets. I am considering living in Binondo for a few days, maybe sometime late next year. Just so I can wander off on my own and get lost in the amazing foodie destination that is Manila’s Chinatown. Might be fun to be there during Chinese New Year. While I don’t speak Chinese, I am, most definitely, a Chinese at heart.

Many thanks to Dennis, Ralph, and Yvette who made this Binondo Tour very much enjoyable, tummy-filling, and memorable!

I’m looking forward to discovering and enjoying more of Metro Manila’s hidden gems during my next trips there. Got any suggestions for me?

And what about you? Discovered anything new or old in our Philippines lately?

AirPhil Express flies to Manila from Davao and vice versa daily.

AirPhil Express Banner
Discover the Philippines with AirPhil Express
Miss Earth Candidates in Davao

Meeting the Miss Earth Candidates

Miss Earth Candidates in Davao
Miss Earth Candidates in Davao

Was still tired and sleepy when I got a phone call. One of my bosses asked me if I could attend the Miss Earth press con in around 2 hours. Errr… I agreed hesitantly.

We waited awhile before the candidates arrived and when they entered the room, all I could see were legs, legs, and even more legsss. The candidates were lovely but two of them stood out for me, Miss Macau and Miss Japan.

Ria Jose with Miss Macau
Miss Macau and I
Miss Japan with Ria Jose
Miss Japan and I

It was an interesting experience meeting the candidates. They’re all so composed and it seemed like they didn’t sweat at all even if it was very hoooot that day. And some of them didn’t stop going to the buffet table and yet they were all so slim.

Did I mention they’re all so tall? I abandoned wearing heels to the press con coz I had a long day ahead. And I regretted making that decision. I looked like a midget beside them.

The Miss Earth 2011 candidates are in the Philippines for the Miss Earth Pageant to be held this week in Manila. Some of them are visiting Davao (and other cities) to know and enjoy more of the country.

It was such an interesting experience to meet the candidates. A bit of a blow to my self-esteem but what the heck, it’s a great experience I’d probably never forget.

I diet now. LULZ!


Have you ever thought of flying to Lanzarote? Seems like a fun trip to take.

Goya Dark Mint Chocolates and More Goya!

Everybody first heard about Goya Dark Mint when AJ twitted about it a few weeks ago and also blogged about. Thus, began the bloggers’ search for the mysterious Goya Dark Mint.

Goya Dark Mint

Goya Dark Mint intrigued a lot of us since Goya is a local brand of chocolates and local dark chocolates with mint are unheard of. The Philippines isn’t exactly known for high end chocolates. What were used to are local chocolates with a distinct flavor and texture that tastes better when not refrigerated.

Goya is a brand I grew up with. I have recently seen and tasted the latest reformulated and repackaged good old Goya Milk Chocolate…

Goya Milk Chocolate

…and it didn’t disappoint. Compared to the old Goya, it had a smoother texture. I can’t exactly recall how the old Goya tastes, but this one is gave me a good chocolate fix for only PhP 14.75!

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