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Podcast 8: Drunk Dialing

I’m baaaaaaaaaack!

Have you drunk dialed? Or have you been the recipient/victim of drunk dialing? Well I have experienced both numerous times. LELZ!


Download at this LINK.

How about you? Got any embarrassing drunk dialing stories?

Thank you to the guy who served as the “inspiration” for this podcast! Sorry, friend. I didn’t bash you naman eh. And I know you don’t read my blog, hehe!

Relevant link:
15 Rules of Drunk Dialing by LaughOutLoud.com – LINK

I hope you listened to the end. I was kinda boring and rambled on. The podcast was originally more than 25 minutes long. I also apologize for the grammatical errors, I didn’t have a script. I need to improve on my next podcast.

If you haven’t yet, check out my past podcasts.

Got any new topics for me to talk about? 😉

PS Yeah, you heard that right. I haven’t been dating the past year. 😛

Acceptance Speech: Top Video Posts and Podcasts for 2010

Winston Almendras accepting the award for RiaJose.com
Winston Almendras accepting the award for RiaJose.com

Last Sunday, I was awarded by the Philippine Blog Awards with the Top Video Posts and Podcasts for 2010. I was not able to attend the awards ceremony but my friend, Winston, accepted the award for me. The award is for Podcast 6: Being Friends with the Ex.

Here is the speech I was supposed to deliver when I accept the award:

Thank you to the Plurkers, Facebook friends, and blog commenters who inspire me with new topics and issues to discuss! Thank you to my relatives and friends who listen to my endless blabbing! I share this award with my badet friends Kring and Poyt. I also share this award with the boys and men who broke my heart and help me get insights for good podcast topics. Daghang salamat!

Thank you to the Philippine Blog Awards, Inc for recognizing the best and brightest of the Philippine blogosphere! I know what you’re doing isn’t hard and it’s not for personal gain of profit. Many, many thanks!

I would also like to thank my colleagues at Avatar Media, Davao Bloggers, and Mindanao New Media who inspire me everyday to be a better blogger and person! May we continue to work hard and do well in presenting Mindanao to the world.

Congratulations to Kring and Jimmy who also got awards for the same special category! Kring, alam mo naman ikaw ang idol ko when it comes to vlogging. And Poyt, asan na ang badet podcasts mooo?

I hope that this award will push me to blog more and better and make better and more informative and entertaining podcasts. Suggestions for topics?

Photo courtesy of BloggerManila.com.