Federal Government Seminars

Government contracts can be a good business or career opportunity. It can make or break you, so to speak. If done correctly and excellently, it can propel you or your business to great heights. Otherwise, it can become very strenuous and discouraging. Plus, it can kill your career or business. Dealing with the federal government is even more tricky.

I believe it is imperative for any professional or company owner who plan to go into government contracts to undergo Federal Government Contract Training Seminars.

Federal Publication Seminars provide comprehensive training programs for professionals and companies. They specialize in Government Contracting, Construction, Intellectual Property, and Management Development. Training in Commercial Contracts and International Contracts are also offered.

Seminars are conducted by specialists from various sectors. These are done several times each year in various locations. And every module is updated for every session. Seminar participants will received course manuals tailored for every session.

Some of the course they offer are Accounting Compliance for Government Contractors, Cost and Price Analysis in Government Contracts, Introduction to Government Construction Contracting, and International Construction Projects: Contract, Claims and Risk Management.

Moreover, they also offer ELearning courses or online modules. They offer live webcasts and on demand programs on topics relating to government contracting.

Whether you’re already a government contractor or plan to go into it, it’s best to learn more and keep on learning through these seminars.

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