Team Bonguyan

Proud to Be Part of Team Bonguyan

I am proud to be part of Team Bonguyan.

Team Bonguyan
Team Bonguyan

Published from the Page of Luis “Louie” C. Bonguyan, congressional candidate for the First District of Davao City:

You can create and propagate a lie in one day. You can successfully destroy a person’s credibility. But in the end, you have achieved nothing good.

Team Bonguyan has ran a clean and honest campaign since the first time our candidate ran as Councilor of Davao City way back in 1988. We take immense pride in this and despite the odds, we have never and will never resort to bribery, vote buying, mud slinging, and black propaganda.

15 years of untainted record in public service is no mean feat. The entire city has witnessed that. If there’s one thing we are proud of it’s that our candidate has remained credible and trust worthy through his years as a public servant.

We believe in our candidate and in his platform. And if we win, it will be because our candidate has won over the people, fair and square.

We are and will always be proud to be part of Team Bonguyan.

Yes, very proud to be part of Team Bonguyan.

Globe Tattoo C@TALYST

Be a C@talyst

Do you spend too much time only? Do you have too many friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram? Does your Youtube channel or podcast have a lot of subscribers?

Why not capitalize on these seemingly frivolous “time wasters” by starting a revolution?

Globe Tattoo C@TALYST
Globe Tattoo C@TALYST

In science, a catalyst is substance that enables reactions to proceed at a faster rate or under different conditions.

Globe Tattoo, the most reliable mobile internet provider in the country, believes that the Filipino youth can be the catalyst for change in our society.

In partnership with the Global Shapers Manila Hub, Tattoo has launched Cat@lyst, a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative that encourages today’s youth to “cause a chain reaction of positive action to make a difference in society using modern technology.” They are challenging young Filipinos to explore and utilize the internet in affecting lasting changes in the community.

In their first partnership, Globe Tattoo and Global Shapers Manila Hub seeks to harness the Filipino youth’s creativity, energy, and social media savvy to create positive change in the Filipino society.

The C@talyst participants will be mentored by Global Shapers Manila Hub. The Global Shapers Manila Hub is composed of young Filipinos leaders. They are part of the World Economic Forum’s global program. Some of the prominent Global Shapers are Tattoo ambassador and media personality Bianca Gonzalez; Save Philippine Seas co-founder Anna Oposa; San Vicente, Palawan Mayor Pie Alvarez; doctor and researcher on neglected tropical diseases, Harvy Liwanag; and Mano Amiga Academy co-founder Lynn Pinugu.

Globe Tattoo and the Global Shapers encourages the youth to make concrete and feasible solutions to problems in their community such as air pollution, traffic enforcement, and crime prevention. And they believe that it can be done through the use of the internet and social media networks.

According to Dong Ronquillo, Head of Tattoo Nomadic Broadband Business, “We are looking for a realistic solution that has an ICT component and has the potential to be replicated in other communities. We need young people who have a genuine desire to help.”

If you have a brilliant idea on how you can be a C@talyst, here’s how you can join…

Filipino citizens, aged 18-30, can submit a proposal via a one-minute video entry from May 2 to 31 which meets the following criteria:

  1. Innovation – demonstrates creativity and originality
  2. Implementation Feasibility – proposal should be executable in the given timeline and proponents should demonstrate capability to mobilize stakeholders involved
  3. Impact – provides a long-lasting solution to an existing social problem

Application forms may be downloaded from the Globe Cat@lyst website and from the entries, 15 will be shortlisted. Five winners will then be chosen in June and will be awarded a P200,000 cash grant for program development, mentorship, and ICT support.

This is your chance to be part of the change.

Believe in change. Fuel your Innovation. Join the Cat@lyst Revolution.

Bigbys Trivia Night

Wednesday Nights are Bigby’s Trivia Nights

Are you bored of the usual grind? Why don’t you flex your mental muscles by joining Bigby’s Trivia Nights?

Davao Bloggers at Bigbys Trivia Night Dec 2012
Davao Bloggers at Bigbys Trivia Night Dec 2012

Every Wednesday, Trivia Nights are held in select Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant outlets.

For every Trivia Night, there are 4 sets of questions with each set composing of 2 – 3 categories. And each category has about 5 – 8 questions each. The questions are so random that sometimes it would take a whole lot of luck just to earn some points. And then, there are times when luck is on your side and most categories are easy for your group. The first time I joined, the category was necklace types. We sucked at that category.

Davao Bloggers at Bigbys Trivia Night Jan 2013
Davao Bloggers at Bigbys Trivia Night January 2013

There is no limit to how many members are in a group. My group, representing Davao Bloggers has joined most Trivia Nights. We have won some, and we have lost even more times. It’s great fun trying to score points, cheering, and occasionally jeering and bullying. And there’s quite a rapport going on among teams at the Abreeza Ayala Mall branch.

One advantage we might have is how varied our interests are. We have oldies and young ones, we have movie lovers, book lovers, music lovers, and nerd heads. One category we really suck at, though, is sports. So we are scared of sports and sports-related categories.

Davao Bloggers at Bigbys Trivia Night Feb 13, 2013
Davao Bloggers at Bigbys Trivia Night Feb 13, 2013

It’s fun figuring out the answers to questions and categories you are totally clueless about. Just make sure you’re not searching for answers using your tablet, laptop, or smartphone. That’s cheating.

The prizes? It’s usually a P500 gift certificate for the 1st Place winners and a cake for the runner-up. But it’s really the glory and the bragging rights that we relish, wouldn’t you?

Davao Bloggers at Bigbys Trivia Night Feb 27, 2013
Davao Bloggers at Bigbys Trivia Night Feb 27 2013

And yes, it’s a chance to bond regularly with your friends. In our case, with our blogger friends. Our other friends are welcome to join the team, too.

So if you want something fun, head over to your favorite Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant branch on a Wednesday night, order your favorite dish, and join the Trivia Night.

In Davao City, Trivia Nights start at 6:30 pm at the SM City Davao Branch and 8 pm at the Abreeza Ayala Mall Branch.

For information and updates about Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant, like their page at or follow them on Twitter at


Top Five Tips to Survive the Sinulog Festival

Cebu is ready. Are you ready for Sinulog 2013?

Chinese Dragon Dancers during the  2012 Sinulog
Chinese Dragon Dancers during the 2012 Sinulog

The Sinulog Festival is an annual Cebuano festival held on the third Sunday of January. It is a Catholic festival celebrating Cebu’s patron saint, the Santo Nino. It is touted as the biggest mardi gras festival in the Philippines.

The Santo Nino at the end of the Procession
The Santo Nino at the end of the Procession

On the Saturday before the grand parade, the Cebuanos hold the “Procession.” Locals and tourists alike join a lengthy walk around the city holding with them their Santo Nino. For some, this is a panata (devotion) which they do every year. It’s very hard to go around the city on this day as most streets are either closed or redirected. Taxis are nowhere to be found and jeepneys are only on selected routes.

On the Sinulog day itself, there’s a Sinulog Festival Grand Parade of colorful floats, schoolchildren, and street dancers go around the city. Spectators fill the streets to the brim. It is one of the grandest and most popular festivals in the Philippines.

The Sinulog Crowd of Santo Nino Devotees
The Sinulog Crowd of Santo Nino Devotees

I hesitantly joined the Sinulog Festival 2012 and I was surprised to have totally enjoyed it. I’m not a fan of the heat, being outdoors, crowds, and dust, you see. Being that the Sinulog Festival is the biggest mardi gras in the Philippines, most of the merry-making are dones outdoors. With, literally, MILLIONS of people joining in on the fun and celebration it made me a bit uneasy. Initially. It’s hard not to have fun when everybody’s smiling and in a party mood.

Enjoying the 2012 Sinulog with friends on board a float
Enjoying the 2012 Sinulog with friends on board a float

Here are my Top 5 Tips to Survive and ENJOY the Sinulog Festival:

  1. Have an itinerary and have a map handy. Yes, yes, yes… being spontaneous can be fun. But it ain’t as fun when there’s are crowds of people EVERYWHERE and its’ hard to contact other people because network signals are weak. Prepare an itinerary complete with specific meet up points and time schedules. Here’s the Sinulog 2013 Schedule of Activities to help you out.

    Last year, the parade was a few blocks from the hotel I was staying in and I ended up somewhere in Carbon market while trying to get back to the hotel. Even the most reliable 3G connection may bug down and will render you helpless if you’re lost. So it’s best to have a map handy. And yes, please study it beforehand. And learn the procession and parade routes, as well so you’ll know which streets are open and which aren’t. Here’s the 2013 Sinulog Map.

    That way, even when you find it hard to contact your buddies or you get lost in the crowd, you’ll know where to go next.

  2. Dress for comfort but prepare for rain. It can get hot, humid, and really, really sweaty out there so dress like it’s summer. And have an extra shirt or towel handy. Wear comfortable slippers, sandals, or sneakers. You will probably do a LOT of walking. But do prepare in case it will rain as it always does during the Sinulog parade. Bring a lightweight rain coat or umbrella. Or be prepared to get wet. 😉
  3. Charge and secure your gadgets. While the networks signal might be weak, it’s still best to have your phone with you. And yes, make sure to have your camera ready to immortalize those epic Sinulog moments. Make sure to keep these in a secure, waterproof bag. I think it’s best to leave those big gadgets in your room. Just bring your mobile phone and a compact camera.
  4. Learn a few Bisaya phrases. Unless you’re traveling with a Bisaya speaker, you will most definitely get lost or confused. My friends had a hard time just trying to buy water. Lelz! It might be too late to learn the dialect all together but knowing a few phrases will come in handy.
    Some phrases that might come in handy:
    > Asa ni? – Where is this?
    > Pila ni? – How much is this?
    Ask a Cebuano friend to teach you more. Or buy a Bisaya phrase book. If in doubt, speak English not Tagalog.
  5. Keep your cool and go with the flow. With that many people and that big a crowd all in one city, some things are definitely bound to go wrong. You might get stuck in traffic. You might get lost. You might get stepped on, crushed, or shoved. You might not be able to eat, drink, sleep, pee, or rest for HOURS. The best way to face that problem is just to accept it and let it be. Just get on with it, go with the flow, and enjoy the crowd and the merriment.
Tourists enjoying the 2012 Sinulog with painted faces
Tourists enjoying the 2012 Sinulog with painted faces

The Sinulog 2013 main events are happening on January 19 and 20, 2013. The Fluvial and Solemn Processions of the Santo Nino are on January 19, while the Sinulog Festival Grand Parade is on January 20.

See you in Cebu! 😉

PS In case you’re missing out on Sinulog 2013, calendar the Sinulog 2014 dates: January 18 – 19, 2014. :)

For more information on the Sinulog Festival, visit the Sinulog Website.

AirPhil Express
AirPhil Express brings You to your Next Adventure

AirPhil Express flies to Cebu from Davao and vice-versa daily. AirPhil Express also flies to Cebu from Iloilo.

JCI Members and Barangay 21-C Representatives

Liter of Light Kicks Off in Davao City

The Junior Chamber International Philippines (JCIP) kicked off its 2013 Liter of Light Project in Davao City on December 29, 2012 at Barangay 21-C, Piapi.

JCI Member Anna Lim-Santiago
2013 Liter of Light National Chair JCI Mem Anna Lim-Santiago demonstrates the making of a Liter of Light

The Liter of Light project began in 2011 when the JCIP, led by 2011 National President JCI Senator Bernard Dy, became a partner of the My Shelter Foundation headed by JCI Mem Iliac Diaz. In 2013, My Shelter Foundation and JCIP aim to implement the Liter of Light Project in at least 100 cities and 10,000 households in the Philippines. It is the hope of 2013 National Chairman JCI Member Anna Lim-Santiago that this will be done through the efforts of JCI local organizations (LOs) throughout the Philippines.

In 2012, with the presence of then Immediate Past National President JCI Sen Bernard Dy and 2012 National Executive Vice-President JCI Sen Christine Garcia, Liter of Light was launched in Barangay Aquino, Agdao, Davao City on April 27, 2012. In the same year, with JCI Mem Ria Jose of JCI Duwaling as National Chair, the project was implemented in Legazpi, Bulacan, Palawan, Bohol, Iloilo, Aklan, Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Surigao City, Pagadian, Zamboanga, and Marilog District in Davao City.

JCI World VP JCI Sen Bernard Dy, Barangay 21-C Kagawad, JCIP National Treasurer JCI Sen Christine Garcia, 2013 NC JCI Mem Anna Lim, 2012 NC JCI Mem Ria Jose, 2013 JCI Duwaling Pres JCI Mem Lani Abapo
JCI World VP JCI Sen Bernard Dy, Barangay 21-C Kagawad, JCIP National Treasurer JCI Sen Christine Garcia, 2013 NC JCI Mem Anna Lim, 2012 NC JCI Mem Ria Jose, 2013 JCI Duwaling Pres JCI Mem Lani Abapo at Barangay 21-C for the Liter of Light 2013 Kick-Off

In the same year, Liter of Light represented by JCI Sen Bernard Dy received the award for Most Oustanding National Flagship Project during the JCI Asia-Pacific Conference held in Hong Kong last June and the same award during the JCI World Congress held in Taiwan last November. Liter of Light bested some 100+ entries worldwide.

For 2013, the launch was held at Barangay 21-C on December 29, 2012. NC Anna Lim demonstrated the construction of the Liter of Light while now JCI World Vice-President JCI Sen Bernard Dy personally installed the Liter of Light in the house of a volunteer homeowner, Mr Marcelo Ely.

2013 JCI World VP JCI Sen Bernard Dy
2013 JCI World VP JCI Sen Bernard Dy installs the Liter of Light at the home of Marcelo Ely

A Liter of Light is made using scrap or recycled materials such as PET bottles, scrap GI sheet, and some construction materials such as rubber sealant and rivets. Each Liter of Light will cost the homeowner around P50 with each Liter of Light installation lasting up to 5 years, giving off 55 watts of light. It has been reported that households using Liter of Light have saved as much as P400 in power charges.

Lighted home of Mr Marcelo Ely
Lighted home of Mr Marcelo Ely; no flash used

Present during the Kick-Off Installation was 2012 NEVP and 2013 National Treasurer JCI Sen Christine Garcia. The kick off installation was hosted by JCI Duwaling led by 2013 President JCI Mem Irelan Abapo. Also present were JCIP Davao Regional Vice-President JCI Sen Don Cabanog, and Davao chapters JCI Greater Davao led by 2013 President JCI Mem Patrick Puentespina and JCI Kadayawan led by 2013 President JCI Mem Joy Prado.

JCI Members at the Liter of Light Press Conference
JCI Members at the Liter of Light Press Conference

After the Kick Off Installation, a Press Conference and Victory Luncheon was held at Lispher Inn. The panel was composed of JCI World Vice-President for Asia and the Pacific JCI Senator Bernard F. Dy, JCI Philippines 2013 National Treasurer JCI Senator Christine Garcia, and 2013 National Chairman JCI Mem Anna Lim-Santiago. The three shared the history, journey, triumph, and future plans for Liter of Light.

Also present during the Press Conference were JCI Davao Region LOs JCI Davao Inc led by 2013 President JCI Mem Ryan Pasion and JCI Durian City represented by 2011 President JCI Mem Don Lanzar.

The Press Conference was hosted by this blogger, JCI Member Ria Jose, 2012 National Chairman for Liter of Light.

In behalf of the 2012 JCI Philippines Liter of Light Team, I would like to thank the JCI LOs and members who implemented Liter of Light in 2012:

  • JCI Legazpi Dawani,
  • JCI Makati,
  • JCI Puerto Princesa Peacock,
  • JCI Boholana Kisses,
  • JCI Western Visayas Region,
  • JCI Aklan Kalantiao,
  • JCI Cagayan de Oro Inc and JCI Bai Lawanen,
  • JCI Iligan and JCI Duwaling,
  • JCI Surigao Inc and JCI Surigao Wensie,
  • JCI Greater Pagadian,
  • JCI Zamboanga Inc,
  • JCI Jambangan, and
  • JCI Central Davao.

Many thanks also to friends from the media and the blogger communities who helped in igniting the light through their write ups! Special thanks to Mark Cabrera for creating some 2012 Liter of Light materials!

Members of the media and Bloggers at the Press Con
Members of the media and Bloggers at the Press Con

The Junior Chamber International (JCI) is the leading global organization of young active citizens. JCI is membership-based nonprofit organization of 200,000 young people ages 18 to 40 in 5,000 communities and more than 100 countries around the world. The JCI Mission is “to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.”

In the Philippines, there are more than 140 chapters with 9 chapters based in Davao Region.

JCI Duwaling is a Davao-based all female chapter of the JCI. Duwaling is an amalgamation of Durian and Waling Waling, two of the most popular symbols of Davao. In 2013 the theme of JCI Duwaling is “WALING: Women Aspiring to Lead and Inspire for Nation-Building and Growth.” The 2013 JCI Duwaling President is JCI Member Irelan Abapo, an entrepreneur. The organization has more than 20 Dabawenya members composed of professionals and entrepreneurs. Their page is at

Boston Davao Oriental

PSA: The Aboitiz Group calls for donations for areas affected by typhoon Pablo

Image by Anj Nacorda of
Kinablangan, Baganga, Davao Oriental
Image by Anj Nacorda of

The following is a Public Service Announcement in behalf of the Aboitiz Group:

The Aboitiz Group, led by the Aboitiz Foundation, is now accepting donations for areas in Mindanao that have been badly hit by Pablo.

After the damage left by the typhoon, it is estimated that thousands of families in various Mindanao localities to include New Bataan, Compostela Valley, Bukidnon, Iligan, and Davao, and in Visayas, specifically Negros and Dumaguete, are still in need of help.
As of today, the Aboitiz Group has given over P5.5 million worth in assistance to an estimated 10,000 families in the said areas, P2 million of which came from the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI), and P1 million from UnionBank of the Philippines. More than half of the total funds have been channeled for relief operations in ComVal, which experienced the most devastation.

For the donations that will be raised, the Aboitiz Group will prepare a mix of ready to eat canned goods, water, bread and biscuits, personal effect like towels, blankets, and underwear, as well cooking ware.

Even before super typhoon Pablo hit the country in the first days of December, the Aboitiz Group was ready with its emergency response activities, especially in areas where its business units are located. WeatherPhilippines Foundation, the Aboitiz Group’s partnership with Meteomedia of Switzerland, played a key role, and used its weather forecasting system that aided the Group with its disaster risk management initiatives.

In Mindanao, Aboitiz Group subsidiary Therma Marine, Inc. (TMI) in Maco, Davao del Norte coordinated with provincial and local governments to move affected families to evacuation centers. About 1,500 families have already been provided with relief goods, while 2,000 food packs and 1,500 packs of mats, towels, and cooking ware are yet to be distributed.

Aboitiz Group subsidiary Hedcor Sibulan has dispatched a relief team to five barangays in Bukidnon to assist about 600 families. Aboitiz Group subsidiary Therma South, Inc. (TSI) has also coordinated with local government representatives to reach affected areas to distribute mats and blankets to 400 families.

In support of TMI Maco and TSI, Davao Light and Power Co., also an Aboitiz Group subsidiary relief team distributed food items to 1,000 families in Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley. The AboitizPower sales team in Mindanao also donated 1,000 bottles of water to families in Barangay Macasandig in Cagayan de Oro.

Davao Light has also dispatched teams of linemen to help the Davao Oriental Electric Cooperative in restoring power to affected areas. Two other groups were dispatched in Compostela Valley to assist the Davao Norte Electric Cooperative.

For the Visayas relief operations, the Aboitiz Foundation and Aboitiz Group subsidiary Visayan Electric Co. (VECO) have sent relief packs for 1,250 families in Dumaguete and Tanjay, with distribution coursed through CitySavings Bank branches. VECO also deployed linemen to Surigao del Sur to help Surigao del Sur Electric Cooperative I restore their lines.

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation has set up a communications center within Cebu to send out the distribution of goods to both ComVal and Davao Oriental.

Those who wish to give cash donations may do so through personal deposits at UnionBank’s 190 branches or CitySavings Bank, or via online transaction.

Aboitiz Foundation
Union Bank of the Philippines: 10026-1070944
City Savings Bank: 200-200331301

The following Aboitiz Group representatives may also be contacted for more information on how to help:
Aboitiz Foundation:
Rowena Astillo (09176304484)
Danny Cerence (09176308172)

Compostela Valley Relief Operations:
Marissa Campomanes (09177250992).

For immediate updates on typhoon Pablo relief efforts, you may visit the Aboitiz Foundation Facebook page:

About Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.
The Aboitiz Foundation is the corporate foundation of the Aboitiz Group, with social development initiatives focused on the areas of education, enterprise development, primary health and child care, and the environment. With education as its main thrust, the Foundation allocates more than half of its annual budget to education-related projects.

Let’s make this season more meaningful. Let us all do our part to #helpDavao.

Image courtesy of Anj Nacorda.