Make A Wish Philippines Grants 1000th Wish

Make-A-Wish Foundation Philippines

Over the years, I have realized that the best kind of happiness is one that comes from making others happy. It is pure, unadulterated, and lasting. And there’s nothing better than making the most unfortunate among us smile.

Make A Wish Philippines Grants 1000th Wish
Make A Wish Philippines Grants 1000th Wish, photo from

The mission of the Make-A-Wish Foundation “to create hope and happiness for children with life threatening illnesses around the world.”

In the Philippines, the Make-A-Wish Foundation grants wishes to children in the country, whatever the economic status, gender and religion of the child may be. Children between three to eighteen years old who have been diagnosed as having an illness that is life-threatening, not necessarily terminal are eligible to have a wish granted.

The goal of the foundation is to uplift the morale of children with life-threatening illnesses. Wishes may be simple or grand. Whatever it is, the Make-A-Wish Foundation makes it happen, through the generosity of their sponsors, donors, and volunteers.

Erica Lei dela Cruz, on the photo up there, got the chance to work as a fashion designer with Filipino designer Rajo Laurel. She worked on her own fashion line and witnessed it modeled on the runway. It was definitely a great way to celebrate her 13th birthday after she was diagnosed with Medulloblastomata and had undergone a triple brain surgery. Erica’s wish was the 1000th wish that Make-A-Wish Foundation Philippines had granted.

Check out this list of 8 bad-ass wishes granted by Make-A-Wish.

You can make a child happy by referring him to a the Make-A-Wish Foundation. You may call them at +632-856-3744 or email them at A Wish Referral Committee will verify all information provided.

Better yet, be part of a kid’s happiness by volunteering. You can event sponsor an entire wish. Contact Make-A-Wish Philippines through this form.

Please note that the Make-A-Wish Foundation does not give out cash donations or medical assistance to its beneficiaries.

For more information, check out the Make-A-Wish Foundation Philippines site at this link and their FB Page at this link.

Credits to the Make-A-Wish Foundation Site for the photo.

Ria Jose, Davao Blogger

On Pride and Loyalty

Some people may call me proud. I burn bridges when necessary. Turn my back on people who have betrayed me. And I’m unforgiving to those who don’t ask for forgiveness.

It’s not pride, I tell you. It’s self-respect. I’d rather have few people around me than plenty of “friends” who choose to betray me, hurt me, and malign me.

I know my worth and I’m uncompromising. You piss me off, disrespect me, become disloyal to me, you’d have to practically kneel before me so I can forgive you. I may forgive you, but I will never trust you again. So stop pretending like things are ok and we’re ok. We’re not. And pretending like we are will definitely win points with me.

You might think I don’t know the things you say about me. I know perfectly well how much crap shit and lies you say about me so you better shut your mouth. I’m the kind of person who does not deny my mistakes and wrongdoings. So when I say something is a lie, something is definitely a lie.

Stop telling me things or warning me about other people. Stop thinking we’ll ever be ok. Stop hoping you can ever regain what we once had. You have proven yourself unworthy of my trust and friendship and nothing will bring that back.

I’m fiercely loyal and I demand the same loyalty.

My self-worth is not tied to the number of friends I have, but to the loyalty of my friends, no matter how few they may be.

So to the people who have betrayed my trust and friendship, I say to you… thank you! I am grateful that you have finally shown me your true colors. That there are less people I have to care for, love, and protect. You have given me the gift of clarity. I hope that, during the time I thought you were my friend, you appreciated how loyal I was to you and how sincerely I cared and loved for you.

I’d much rather be proud and unpopular than be popular but without an ounce of loyalty and surrounded by people I cannot trust.

Parokya ni Edgar Live at Abreeza

My Top 3 Favorite Parokya ni Edgar Songs

Somewhere in the ether there’s a photo of me with both Chito Miranda and Rico Blanco. True story! I was in first or second year college then and it was a music event at the Ateneo Covered Courts. The hottest band back then was Barbie and everybody was screaming their hearts out for Barbie. Meanwhile, me and my friend Angie inched our way to Chito Miranda and Rico Blanco who were seated somewhere on the side, introduced ourselves, had my photo taken, and got their autographs. I don’t have a copy of the photo or the autographs. I’m a big fan of those two so it might just have been a dream. But I swear it happened.

Tomorrow, I’ll get another chance to get close with Chito Miranda and Parokya ni Edgar, my all-time favorite band since high school. They’re performing live at Abreeza. And I have VIP Passes. HAPPINESS! I do hope there’s a meet and greet session.

Parokya ni Edgar Live at Abreeza
Parokya ni Edgar Live at Abreeza

I might sound like a big dork, but I really love Parokya ni Edgar. Like I seriously <3 them. I blame my high school friends for this obsession. My high school classmates played the Buruguduystungstugudungstuy album in the classroom every chance they got. So yeah, Parokya ni Edgar reminds me of my high school days and all the craziness and drama that my classmates and me got into. To celebrate this momentous occasion, of me watching Parokya ni Edgar live, here's some of my favorite Parokya ni Edgar songs.

#3 Silvertoes

Because f*ck yeah, ugly people need to be reminded that they’re not all that. Wag i-feel please.

#2 Buloy

The song that introduced us to Parokya ni Edgar. Back then they wore women’s clothes from what looked like an ukay ukay bin.

#1 Harana

Because it was and still is one of my favorite love songs. I swear I will demand that my future boyfriend/lifepartner or *GASP* husband to know how to play this song on the guitar.

I’m also a super fan of Kaye Abad so a part of me died when she broke up with Chito. Moving on…

A bonus:
Chito Miranda + Rico Blanco

I’m sure some of you are freaked out or laughing out loud with this superfandom post. No, nobody forced or paid me to write this.

This is for all my high school friends who, in their own special way, made me a better person. CHEERS! Miss you all.

The Blackberry Q10

The Blackberry Q10: My Dream Phone

It’s rare for me to say I want a high end gadget, but this is true… I want the Blackberry Q10.

The Blackberry Q10
The Blackberry Q10

I’m not fond of buying high end gadgets since I know I’m quite clumsy and tend not to take care of my gadgets properly. But oh how I would love to have a Blackberry Q10.

I was at the Davao launch of the BB10 OS and the Blackeberry Z10. I was quite amazed at the BB10 OS but thought that the Blackberry Z10 wasn’t for me. It didn’t have the signature Blackberry QWERTY keypad that I had grown to love.

So when I saw the Blackberry Q10, with the BB10 OS and the Blackberry QWERTY, I fell in love with it. I was also able to test drive it for a few hours during the Davao launch and I could say it’s the smartphone for me.

The BB10 OS allows professionals, like me, to achieve work life balance via 2 user profiles that can be switched on and off or used side by side. Plus, it has an intuitive typing feature which actually learns the words you often use. Faster typing without the annoying autocorrect mistakes. The BB10 OS also features a better photo editing app plus a revamped BB App World.

Need more convincing? Watch this…

I have grown accustomed to my Blackberry Curve but I had to move on to another smartphone for more features and apps. With the Blackberry Q10, I can have the best of both worlds. The BB10 OS with all its nifty features and apps and the signature Blackberry QWERTY keyboard that I love. It’s perfect for me and multi-taskers like me.

It’s the smartphone of my dreams. Definitely.

The Blackberry Q10 is available via at this link for only P31,990. It can be bought with cash on delivery and other online payment options. Installment through a BDO Credit Card is also available. Shipping for this item is free.

Check out the other mobile phones and tablets available from at this link.

Ria Jose, Davao Blogger

Through the Fire Once Again

Not a lot of people are aware of it, but I’ve been through some tough times these past few months. Once again, my faith in people was tested. On most nights in January and February, I was crying. The only times I wouldn’t cry was if I was out of town.

Ria Jose, Davao Blogger
Still smiling

I have never aspired for awards or recognition. For the most part, I did my job earnestly because I loved the challenge of it and because I loved the people I was with. I was fiercely loyal and at times, clouded by my need to please my peers.

But alas, my hard work and loyalty didn’t count for much. As much as I would like to blame gossip, idle talk, politics, or whatever there is to blame, I was never able to make full sense of what happened. I felt lonely, betrayed, and useless. All my hard work for more than two years went unappreciated and counted for nothing. The people I fought so hard for, didn’t value me as much as I valued them. Worse of all, my friends who didn’t do anything wrong except be my friend became targets of other people’s ire and paranoia.

I thought I had people who were with me to fight the battle, but they had abandoned me and started a war against me. I do not know why or how but it happened and I had nothing left to fight for.

I was about ready to give up but many people, countless people gave me encouragement. Even then, I was not convinced that I should stay. In just two years, I have been maligned so many times, called many names, abandoned and disregarded, blamed for failures of other people, and hated on. It was not worth it, I thought.

I focused on other things at hand, on other matters that had to be worked on, on friends who gave me strength and the mindset to move on and get over the pain.

It’s true that we find true friends in the unlikeliest times and through the most difficult situations. I am grateful that I have found such true friends. Friends and relatives who gave me many reasons to smile and laugh. Who shared with me a new way of thinking. Who reminded me that I am so much more than what some people say and think of me.

Through all the pain, sadness, and anger, I have learned several things.

My loyalty and hard work may not mean anything to some people, but it will always count for something.

My work and my skills will always be needed and appreciated. Maybe not by the people I worked hard for but by those who are looking from afar.

Never judge people based on what others say about them.

There will always be people ready to support me and help me through life’s challenges. We can find true friends at the unlikeliest places and through the weirdest moments.

When people let you down, doubt you, or go out of their way to hurt you, smile and just move forward.

And now, finally, I am ready. The passion has returned and I am, once more, excited for the challenges that lie ahead.

I might not be bulletproof, I feel pain and anger. Sometimes it takes me quite a while to stand up and move forward… but I have been through the fire more than once, and I have always come out better and stronger. Not because I am that good, but because there are countless people, friends, relatives, and even strangers, who remind me that I can always do better, that I can always be better.

And for that, I am thankful and will be forever grateful to my friends and relatives who were there for me these past few months.

Live. Love. Learn. 😉

FoodSpotting Android App LogIn Page

FoodSpotting in Boracay

Have you ever wandered off to an unknown place and thought… “how would I know where to go? Where should I eat? WHAT should I eat?”

FoodSpotting Boracay Map
FoodSpotting Boracay Map

Various social media apps and sites would be helpful for tourists or traveling businessmen. Some of these are Fouraquare and Trip Advisor. A lot of social media savvy people get a helpful travel tips from these apps. My favorite among these apps is FoodSpotting. Why? Because my favorite thing to do is eat.

During our recent family vacation to Boracay, some of us already had a few restaurants in mind. And Google was also very helpful in suggesting restaurants. The problem really was in knowing what dishes to order from those restaurants. This is where FoodSpotting is helpful.

Check out the FoodSpotting map of Boracay above. And this one below that screen captured from the FoodSpotting Android App, using my Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini:

FoodSpotting Android App Boracay Map
FoodSpotting Android App Boracay Map

FoodSpotting doesn’t just recommend restaurants, it recommends dishes.

FoodSpotting not only recommends restaurants, it also recommends dishes. It gives users the opportunity to recommend specific dishes in restaurants by uploading a photo the dish, naming it, naming where it can be ordered or bought, and describing what it is. The uploader can even leave a note on whether or not he loved the dish or not. Other users can comment on the photo and mark it as something they also love or something they want.

So if you’re in an area you’ve never been to, you can just open the FoodSpotting app and search for the latest and most recommended food in the area.

Thanks to FoodSpotting, my family and I were able to experience some of the best dishes in Boracay. Some of these food finds are:

FoodSpotting English Bakery and Tea Room's Special Breakfast Set
FoodSpotting English Bakery and Tea Room’s Special Breakfast Set
FoodSpotting Hama Japanese Cuisine's Gyudon Stamina
FoodSpotting Hama Japanese Cuisine’s Gyudon Stamina
FoodSpotting Jonah's Shakes' Mango Melon Shake
FoodSpotting Jonah’s Shakes’ Mango Melon Shake
FoodSpotting Aria Cucina Italiano's Gelato
FoodSpotting Aria Cucina Italiano’s Gelato

More on these on my food blog, soon. For the meantime, check out my very own FoodSpotting tips:

  • If you’re a food spotter, especially if you’re a food blogger, FoodSpotting is also a great way to instantly upload your food photos and notes.
  • It can also be a way to promote your blog or site.
  • FoodSpotting also makes it easy for you to share your food discoveries on Instagram and Foursquare. You can upload the photo via Instagram and even put it on the map with a Foursquare connection.
  • FoodSpotting is also very helpful in knowing the latest food finds in your very own neighborhood.
  • FoodSpotting is available for both iOS and Android users. Just open your app store and search for FoodSpotting.

As a food spotter who loves discovering new food finds and sharing them with my friends, it pays to have a reliable data plan that allows me to surf and share anywhere I may be. As a Globe subscriber, I get to enjoy my smartphone with Globe PowerSurf 499 which gives me 1GB of consumable mobile data valid for 30 days.

Spot the best data plan for you. Check to get started.