Philippine Science High School Hymn (English and Filipino Versions)

I have been reading a lot of Pisay the Movie reviews and I saw a blogpost by Infinite Insanity with lyrics to the PSHS Hymn. I studied at and graduated from the Mindanao Campus (now known as the Southern Mindanao Campus) here in the boondocks area of Davao City. But the hymn is same for all campuses… I thought I wouldn’t remember how to sing the song… but as I read through the lyrics, I found myself singing (and I use that word loosely coz I can’t really sing) along.

Here’s the PSHS Hymn in its original English form:

by Mario Taguiwalo

Philippine Science High
Thou stands above with thy thoughts that lift
And fit all thy sons with wings
To lend us flight in the sowing of our gifts

Oh, Philippine Science High
Thy wisdom arms our youth
As we reach for our dreams, as we strive for our goals
As we search for the untarnished truth

Philippine Science High
The PSHS in us will grow
And go as we wonder o’er
The crests and troughs of the sea of life that flows

Oh, Philippine Science High
Thy light our beacon be
In our path through the world, in our fight for the right
In pursuit of a glorious thee.

Haaayyyyy…. memories… HUHU!

And because it was the Philippine Centennial during our senior year (1998 – 99), we were taught the Filipino version of the song. And we really, really, really hated it. Bisaya man mi uy… AMF! We wanted to clobber to death the PSHS – Main Campus students who had enough geekiness to translate the song. RAWRRR!!!

Here’s the Filipino version by some PSHS – Main Campus Batch 1999 (my batch) students:

PSHS Hymn – Filipino Translation

Philippine Science High
Patuloy mong itinataas
Kaming ‘yong mga anak
Sa paglinang ng aming kakayahan

O, Philippine Science High
Dunong mo’y patnubay
Sa aming pangarap, sa aming hinahangad
Na katotohanang lantay

Philippine Science High
Sa aming puso’y lumalago
At sa’n man magtungo,
Magpapatuloy sa dagat ng buhay

O, Philippine Science High
Liwanag mo’y tanglaw
Sa amin ay gabay sa landas ng buhay
At dakilang minimithi

Notice in the English version… they used “oh” but only “o” in the Filipino version. Hehe!!! And I can still remember how to “beat” and how to pronounce the word “trough” properly. Being one of only five girls in our TECHNOLOGY class (TECHNOLOGY CLASS KICKS ASS), I cannot count how many times I was forced to lead and “beat” to this Hymn and the Pangbansang Awit during flag ceremonies and flag retreats.

I love the geekiness of it all… especially that part that says “Oh, Philippine Science High / Thy wisdom arms our youth / As we reach for our dreams, as we strive for our goals / As we search for the untarnished truth.” It used to be just a bunch of words to be memorized, but now it has sooo much meaning na. I HEART PISAY!!! AS IN! SUPER I HEART IT!!!

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  1. Never knew that there was a Filipino version. Missed it by….nine years! 🙂 Have you seen Pisay the Movie? One of the songs in the soundtrack is actually the PSHS hymn.

  2. i’m from the main campus, batch 2001, the owner of infinite insanity is my kabarkada…

    our batch actually did an alternative version (drums and electric guitars and all that heck) of the hymn during our graduation kahit kontra ng admin.

  3. ako, 2nd yr na ako nung napalitan ng Tagalog! gosh! i still remembered grabe kami makadiscriminate nun! and every flag ceremony, we (barkada namin) still sang the english version.. hindi naman halata kasi it was drowned by the Filipino version. hehehe. those were the days…it’s so nostalgic..

  4. haaay, PISAY! sorry for the intrusion, but i just happened to pass by your blog during one of my surfing sessions 😀
    anyway, i graduated from pisay (western visayas) just last year, and i really miss it. I currently study in UP, and boy! do those cramming sessions that i used to hate so much sound like heaven right now…. hehe… yun lang… HI! and thanx… ;P

  5. Waaaaaa.. ENGLISH version ng Pisay Hymn kinanta namin nung grad (nung 25 lang).

    My sister was the last batch in Pisay SMC to sing the Tagalog version on their grad. 😀

  6. filipino version nun una akong pumasok sa pisay tapos pinalitan ng english nung junior ako… i hated the english! especially the pronunciation of “trough”… thanks to those Pisay main geeks who translated it… miss ko na yong filipino version…

  7. just graduated pisay last ’08. ,, so got used to the tagalog version.., we were to sing the hymn in english during graduation since pinalitan na to the original…we hate the english version.., . It was more nostalgic sana singing the hymn in tagalog since kinanta namin un for our 4-yr. stay in pisay..

  8. Thank you for the lyrics. 🙂 I never did fully get to memorize it… ^^;

    From Batch ’08… 🙂

    — Ica

  9. Hi!

    I’m an incoming senior in PSHS-SMC..XD

    We’ve also hoped that there could be a Bisaya version especially since there actually is a Bicolano version already. Hehe.

  10. naabutan ko pa yung tagalog pero na-introduce na samin nung 4th yr na kami yung english version.. hay kakamiss ng PISAY.. the teachers na hate ko, yung seatmate ko na hate ko rin, friends, juniors, cafeteria, dormitory and the STIPEND hahaha..

  11. wow!! kuya amiel the SG pres in SMC campus!!!

    by the way kuya amiel sa smc po ako at sa I-GOLD ako!!


  12. haha. i did not know that the english version came out first because we sang the tagalog version from 1st year to forever. we knew the english version (we even sang it in one or two flag ceremonies) but i really thought that the tagalog came first and then translated to english. haha. thanks for this post.

  13. Nakakainis naman ung practicum namin. Ang baba ng score ko. mas maganda pa un pshs hymn na tagalog eh kaso hirap dahil nanunuod pa mga teachers namin tapos tinatawanan pa nila ako!

    BATCH 2013! hEhE!

  14. hah… thanks… i needed that for one of my homeworks… i am a pisaynon – 1st year… big help… hehehehehehe…

  15. awesome. nkalimutan ko na kung san ang copy ko sa tagalog version nito. hehe. first year ko pa yun ginawa for our assignment in music. thanks for posting!

    most of us forgot how to sing the tagalog version of the hymn. english na kasi ngaun. pati sa grad na din cguro nmin.
    hehe. memories… 😀

    batch 2010!!! —> yeah. senior. pshs-smc 😀

  16. Pisay 90 here.

    I like the Tagalog version as I see it… but the last verse lost the original idealism of “as we search for the untarnished truth”. maybe a rewrite of the last verse is necessary.

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