6th Mindanao FilmFest
6th Mindanao FilmFest

Alone by Joni Angeli Nuenay is the poignant story of the widower who lives alone, with his children living and working abroad. The story is simple, the film is straightforward. Technically, it could have done better.

But it succeeded in telling a story and did so effectively. I don’t cry when I watch movies, but I teared up a bit after watching this film. Nuenay succeeds in delivering a tired old story with minimum melodrama and angst but with maximum impact that pierces through the heart.

It is a story a lot of Filipinos can relate, young and old. The story of man a struggling to survive alone, with his loved ones away from him. The message is shown subtly without much tears and no hysterics. And yet we feel the loneliness, the pain, and the short sweet moments of joy. The film succeeds in story-telling. And Nuenay is truly deserving of the Best in Screenplay Award.

But perhaps, it would have failed without the natural delivery of Best Actor Roger Gonzales. It seemed like Gonzales was not even acting at all. The simple story matched well with Gonzales’ heartfelt acting to give the audience a melancholic story.

What it lacked in cinematography and sound engineering was duly compensated by the Alone’s triumphs in excellent story-telling and acting.

Kudos to the filmmakers for delivering one of the most heart-rending films in the 6th Mindanao Filmfest!

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