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Liberalia 2014

Davao City, are you ready to glow?

Liberalia, happening on March 15 at the Concert Grounds of Crocodile Park, Davao City
Liberalia, happening on March 15 at the Concert Grounds of Crocodile Park, Davao City

This weekend, all roads lead to the Concert Grounds of Crocodile Park, Davao City, as Manic Nightnings invites you to liberate yourself and glow at Liberalia.

Don’t miss out on the biggest pre-Araw ng Dabaw party. Buy your ticket at any of the following outlets:

  • Soul Lifestyle at the 2nd Floor of Gaisano Mall Davao and at the 3rd Floor of Abreeza Ayala Mall Davao;
  • Cellar de Boca at the 2nd Floor of SM Lanang Premier; or
  • Backyard Burgers along Quimpo Boulevard.

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Finding My Voice

“Every child, woman and man should possess licence to speak or sing in his or her true voice.”

– Joyce Maynard, At Home in the World (Picador USA)

Today is my 10th Anniversary as a blogger. And that quote is the one I shared from my first blog post. Here’s a screen capture:

First entry of Life with Ria on LJ
First entry of Life with Ria on LJ

and here’s the link. And here’s the full resolution copy of the screen capture: LINK.

Then and now, blogging has been a fulfillment of my dream to write… attempts at getting my thoughts, feelings, and ideas out into the world. Not because I think people can learn from me or that I have something profound to share but because I really just want to write, to speak, to share.
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Gionee Smartphones arrive in the Philippines

Do you need a versatile smartphone with easy to use functions and features minus the unnecessary frills? Here’s the smartphone brand for you.

Gionee ELIFE6
Gionee ELIFE6

Gionee designs and produces smartphones with all the features that you need minus all the unnecessary frills you don’t understand or never use.

The Gionee ELife E6 is the world’s first smartphone with White OGS technology. It has a 2.54-millimeter edge and is only 7.7 mm thin. It can easily fit into your pocket.
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BPI 24/7 Banking Services

Nowadays, it’s imperative to have online and mobile services. No matter what your business is. What will set you apart from your competitors is how convenient and helpful your online and mobile services actually are.

I have several bank accounts and I have tried various online and mobile banking services. I love the BPI 24/7 services the best.

BPI Express Online Site
BPI Express Online Site

BPI Account owners may do their online banking, leisurely and hassle-free, at One of the things I really like about this banking site, is how it allows me to choose my own username and password. Other banking sites have pre assigned usernames or require you to enter your ATM PIN or other information before you can even log in. Inconvenient, right? Meanwhile, BPI gives me the convenience of using my choice username and password, without having to look at my bank passbook or bank card every time I log in.
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Busy with Games

My Top Mobile Games

Life can be boring, yes? If you have a short attention span like me, you need a little distraction even when occupied. Good thing we now have smartphones and tablets to drive away boredom. To take away my boredom or to keep me busy as a bee I like to download and play games on my Smartphone. Here are my top pick games for your smartphone and tablets.

Bakery Story by Lava Games

Available on iTunes and the Android Play Store.

Bakery Story Game on iOS
Build your Own Cake and Bread Empire with Bakery Story Game on iOS

First off, pardon the busy, disorganized look of my “bakery.”
Bakery Story is similar to the usual restaurant/cafe games that were popularized on Facebook. The goal of the game is to maintain your virtual bakery business by cooking up recipes, buying equipment and decorations, and selling promotional items. It’s one of the first games I downloaded on my iPad 2 and I have been playing it for over a year.

The app developer, Lava Games, updates Bakery Story game where every month, there are new challenges and goals, new ovens, and new recipes to bake. On some occasions such as Valentine’s Day or the Olympics, they even have an entire new Bakery Story version.
If you like this game, try also Lava Games’ Restaurant Story, Fashion Story, Farm Story, Dragon Story, and the…

Castle Story

Available on iTunes and the Android Play Store.

Castle Story Game on iOS
Farm, build, go on quests, and discover new lands on Castle Story Game on iOS

Go on adventures and quests, plant crops, cook some food, forge a sword, build a castle and hatch a dragon egg all while you meet quaint and weird characters. These are just some of the things you can do while playing Castle Story.

Hotel Story

Available on iTunes.

Hotel Story Game on iOS
Be a hotel mogul with Hotel Story Game on iOS

This game, on the other hand, is not quite as time consuming as the previous two apps. Build your own hotel and resort. Level up your rooms and facilities. Invest in events and other city facilities to increase tourist influx. Decorate, build more floors, take your guests on tours. It’s a great strategy game for players of all ages.

Marvel Avengers Alliance

Available on iTunes.

Marvel Avengers Alliance Game on iOS
Be a Superhero via Marvel Avengers Alliance Game on iOS

This is my current obsession. You need to be a S.H.I.E.L.D agent who fights against villains and recruits superheroes. You can even buy new gadgets, weapons, and uniforms.

You can go on missions together with your superheroes to fight evil villains or… you can play Player vs Player to pit your heroes with those of another player.

Marvel Avengers Alliance Game on iOS
Iron Man and Colossus vs Spiderman and the Human Torch on the Marvel Avengers Alliance Game on iOS

Iron Man and Colossus versus Spiderman and the Human Torch. UHMAZING!

It’s a great game to release stress and pent up aggression.

2 Fuse

Available on iTunes.

2 Fuse Game on iOS
Great hand eye coordination? Play 2 Fuse Game on iOS.

This one is great for those who have great hand-eye coordination.
I’m not a big fan of this game, but it’s so easy to play and very fast paced that it gets my adrenaline going. It keeps me awake and pre-occupied. I can play this game while waiting for my goodies to bake or for my Avengers’ energy to refill.

Tiny Wings

Available on iTunes.

Tiny Wings Game on iOS
Take flight with the Tiny Wings Game on iOS

Yet another game I am not good at. I downloaded it because it’s one of the App Stores 5 Years Anniversary free apps.

It reminds me of Adventure Island. It’s a cute game to play yet a bit frustrating and challenging. It’s not as high blood inducing as Angry Birds or Candy Crush. It’s a bit chill.

The Story games by Lava are both available on iOS and android. And I do still play Candy Crush and Angry Birds on my Samsung S3 Mini.

To play games online using my smartphone, I depend on a reliable data plan that allows me to surf and connect with my friends anywhere I may be (whether I’m playing games, challenging them or asking for lives or points) As a Globe subscriber, I get to enjoy my smartphone with Globe PowerSurf 499 which gives me 1GB of consumable mobile data valid for 30 days. To learn more about PowerSurf dial *143#.

Spot the best data plan for you. Check to get started.

Make A Wish Philippines Grants 1000th Wish

Make-A-Wish Foundation Philippines

Over the years, I have realized that the best kind of happiness is one that comes from making others happy. It is pure, unadulterated, and lasting. And there’s nothing better than making the most unfortunate among us smile.

Make A Wish Philippines Grants 1000th Wish
Make A Wish Philippines Grants 1000th Wish, photo from

The mission of the Make-A-Wish Foundation “to create hope and happiness for children with life threatening illnesses around the world.”

In the Philippines, the Make-A-Wish Foundation grants wishes to children in the country, whatever the economic status, gender and religion of the child may be. Children between three to eighteen years old who have been diagnosed as having an illness that is life-threatening, not necessarily terminal are eligible to have a wish granted.

The goal of the foundation is to uplift the morale of children with life-threatening illnesses. Wishes may be simple or grand. Whatever it is, the Make-A-Wish Foundation makes it happen, through the generosity of their sponsors, donors, and volunteers.

Erica Lei dela Cruz, on the photo up there, got the chance to work as a fashion designer with Filipino designer Rajo Laurel. She worked on her own fashion line and witnessed it modeled on the runway. It was definitely a great way to celebrate her 13th birthday after she was diagnosed with Medulloblastomata and had undergone a triple brain surgery. Erica’s wish was the 1000th wish that Make-A-Wish Foundation Philippines had granted.

Check out this list of 8 bad-ass wishes granted by Make-A-Wish.

You can make a child happy by referring him to a the Make-A-Wish Foundation. You may call them at +632-856-3744 or email them at A Wish Referral Committee will verify all information provided.

Better yet, be part of a kid’s happiness by volunteering. You can event sponsor an entire wish. Contact Make-A-Wish Philippines through this form.

Please note that the Make-A-Wish Foundation does not give out cash donations or medical assistance to its beneficiaries.

For more information, check out the Make-A-Wish Foundation Philippines site at this link and their FB Page at this link.

Credits to the Make-A-Wish Foundation Site for the photo.