Podcast 6: Being Friends with the Ex

This is the podcast where I bash all my exes. NOT! Are you friends with your ex? I am. Find out how I manage to be friends with the cause of the biggest heartbreaks in my life.

I talk about being friends, how to be friends, and other subtopics that were asked or suggested by different people.

This is my longest and most stressful podcast yet. I wasn’t stressed out by the topic but by the editing I had to do. LOL!

Listen as I talk about being friends with my exes and how you can maybe also be friends with yours…

Apologies for the looong recording. Hope you were able to finish it.

Agree? Disagree? Post your comments below. 🙂

Credits to the exes who gave me ammunition for this podcast. 😛

Thank you to the people who contributed: Ate Joanna, Reissa, Ate Dominique, Poyty, Orman, Jesse, Donna, Steph M, Tiara, Massa P, Rastapopulous, Sparkeh, and anonymous! 🙂

Sound clips from Star Cinema’s One More Chance and Phil Collins’ Separate Lives.

25 thoughts on “Podcast 6: Being Friends with the Ex

  1. wohhhoooo!!! hours and hours of editing is really worth it ria!! 🙂 galing!! 🙂 new career: LOVE GURU!!! 🙂 hehehehe galing mo TUMPAK masyado!!!

  2. Jesse, hard but not impossible. 🙂 Acceptance, forgiveness, closure,… Haaay!

    Donna, thanks! Really makes me happy you guys appreciate this.

  3. 1. Friends with benefits huh? 😉
    2. If you’ve accepted that it’s over between you two, done na being lovers, then time to move on. Be friends. I still believe that before being lovers friends naman kayo diba?
    3. On being invited sa wedding. No. don’t go, even if you are friends. It’s just awkward.

    Wooohooo! Aabangan ko next podcast ria. 🙂

  4. Ate Dom,

    1. NO COMMENT!

    2. For most people, yes. But my two past relationships, no real friendship to speak of before the commitment.

    3. I think it depends on the level of friendship pa rin. 🙂

    I need suggestions for the next topic.

  5. Ri, mukhang masayang talakayin ang latest entry mo. Make it general. Not just you naman ang ganun eh… A lot. I know lots of people na ganun. Used to be ok guys, ok good guys end up with stupid loser women (bitter ba?!) lol.

    But maybe you just haven’t met him yet… Dagdagan mo pa, maybe you’ll get lucky and fall in love with your best friend. 🙂

  6. LOL @ the wedding gatecrashing part. It’s a desperate move we often see in the movies. Haha. But then, hindi din naman malayong mangyari.

  7. i tried to give some of my few minutes from work just to visit this site…my friend donna mae told me, id like this blog for sure…tama talaga…so lurb it..

  8. two out of 4 exes are my friends..even those with bad experiences. it’s always good to have closure before moving forward. Im not friends with two of my exes because of the mere fact that I do not have chance to communicate but if they do so, that would be fine.

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