My First Time in Bohol


One of the most popular places in the Philippines is Bohol. It’s iconic Chocolate Hills is part of almost every Philippine Tourism campaign. And why not? It is a breath-taking view. I recently had the opportunity to visit Bohol and it was a journey worth taking.

From Davao to Bohol

Davao to Cebu via Airphil Express
Davao to Cebu via Airphil Express

There are no direct flights to Bohol yet. But getting there is quite convenient. First, take a flight to Cebu. The flight takes around 45 minutes. Once you reach Cebu, make your way to the Pier.

There are several piers, and you can go to either Pier 1 or Pier 4 for the fast crafts or fast ferries. Depending on your budget and schedule, you may take any of those listed here. All fast crafts take around 2 hours to reach Bohol. The ride is quite long but you will barely feel the waves or the length of travel. Take a quick nap or chat with your travel companions. Better yet… enjoy the view.

I highly recommended taking the luxurious 1st class seats of Oceanjet because lookie…

Oceanjet's First Class Seats
Oceanjet’s First Class Seats

Tagbilaran City

Bohol is a quaint island province composed of Tagbilaran City and several towns. The capital is Tagbilaran City. That’s where you’d want to go. Tagbilaran gives you access to all the interesting places that you’d want to visit. It also has the nice hotels and accommodations if you’re in town to do business. And if you want to have a little fun, the city also has some bars and places for entertainment.

Tourist Spots

But people don’t really go to Bohol for the nightlife. It’s the tourist spots that draws in the crowd. Bohol is known for several things and you might want to rent out a van to easily go around the province to see them all. Here are some of the most popular spots you’d want to visit:

  • Chocolate Hills,
  • Tarsier Foundation in Corella,
  • Old Churches especially the Baclayon and Loboc Churches, and
  • Loboc River.

You can also go island hopping, swimming, and even go diving around the main island and the many smaller islands that surround it.

Panglao Island

Panglao Island
Panglao Island

Perhaps one of the most popular spots in Bohol is Panglao Island. It is almost an hour away from Tagbilaran where most of the upscale resorts are located. The area is serene, away from the hustle and bustle of the province’s center. The sand is white and the water is crystal clear. Various resorts offer various diving, swimming, island hopping, and other water adventures that will surely make any tourist happy.

I had the opportunity to visit Bohol Beach Club and it has a vast beachfront. You can choose your own little spot to rest and relax. They have various cottages and cabanas you can relax in or have a little party in with your friends.

I’m sure Bohol has so much more to offer than what I experienced and I do hope to go back again for more of nature and adventure.

AirPhil Express flies to Cebu from Davao and vice-versa daily. AirPhil Express also flies to Cebu from Manila, Iloilo, and General Santos.

AirPhil Express Banner
AirPhil Express Banner

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