Social Media for Social Change

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Uncle Ben, Spiderman

Social media gives people opprtunities to communicate, learn, and earn. In so many ways, people can create careers, businesses, fame and fortune. With these opportunities are also opportunities to change lives and change societies.

In the Arab Spring, social media greatly contributed to the revolutions and rise od democracy in some nations in the Middle East. Social media didn’t create change. Rather, it became one of the most effective tools to contribute to change.

One doesn’t have to wait for a revolution to happen for a citizen to contribute to social change. With social media, a citizen can easily and possibly bring change to society. Social media can give voice to the unheard. It can amplify a message. It can give light to issues which have never been discussed. It can provoke a nation to change in ways they never thought they could.

Social media gives most individuals with the opportunity to be an opinion maker, to influence, to be more important than he could ever be. With these opportunities come the opportunity to use social media to create change. Advocacies can become more powerful and can reach a wider audience if social media is used effectively. With social media, people can create better meaning with their life.

Social media is a powerful tool. But it is up to the users to make it meaningful and relevant. It can give power and with this power is the responsibility to wield it positively.

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