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My Journey with Team Duterte and More

The 2016 Elections and campaign has definitely brought out the best and worst in us. It has shown us our monsters and demons and it has forced us to look deep within ourselves. It has been quite a journey for me as a member of #TeamDuterte.

Late last year, questions started to pour. Everywhere I went, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, people would ask me if Duterte would be running for President. And all I could say was “I really don’t know.” Fact is I really didn’t know back then. Come the deadline of Filing for the Certificate of Candidacy, Duterte did not file a Certificate for Candidacy. A lot of people were disappointed. I wasn’t. I was relieved. People kept the faith. May pag-asa pa raw. Ako naman umaasa na “‘Wag na lang, please.” My biggest problem back then was, “sino na ngayon ang susuportahan ko?”

And then it happened. Duterte filed his Certificate for Candidacy as substitute to Mr Martin Diño. ARGH! I said to myself. What an exciting time but it also get me much anxiety. And sometime December 2015, I was invited to a meeting. I thought it was just a meet and greet but it turned out to be an invitation to join the Team Duterte Media Central fulltime. I was hesitant but I dove right in and said yes. I thought “it would be an amazing once in a lifetime experience.”

And boy did I get more than what I bargained for. Much, much more.

Rodrigo R. Duterte is not an easy candidate to campaign for and support. To be honest, I had doubts and hesitations but I accepted the call to volunteer because of my Daddy who has retired from politics but remains 100% committed to support Mayor Duterte with whom he work with as VM for four terms. I also accepted because of Sir Peter Laviña and Mayor Jun Evasco. I have known Mayor Jun for many years and I know him as a honest and sincere public servant who never sought glory, fame, or power. And I knew Sir Peter back when he was a councilor blogger. He was, as far as I know, the first politician blogger in the Philippines and one of the first in the world, and he used his blog to make the government closer to its citizens. If Sir Jun and Sir Pete wholeheartedly supported Duterte, then I should, too.

So yes, I was a hesitant campaigner. I resolved to keep my wall posts to a minimum. And if possible, I would never post anything negative and inflammatory. And I told myself to always keep the Bloggers for Duterte in check. Kalma lang tayo. That was something I always told them.

Early on, I wanted to quit. It was just too much. It was beyond my comprehension how our candidate would refuse to temper his statements, how he would seldom heed our calls for tact, and how he would just speak his mind without regard for the on going campaign. Nakakapikon. Galisod mi convince sa mga tao unya siya wala siya pakialam. (Insert many, many curses here.) I was pissed off. I was angry. I was frustrated. And his statement about burying Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani was the last straw for me. TOO MUCH! Di na makaya. I gave myself a deadline. I was going to quit by the end of February 2016. During a meeting of bloggers and Media Central members, the bloggers were asked one by one if they had any doubts. And they all answered no. They were all 100% all in. Duterte Cayetano all the way. Nahiya ako. I told them I was scheduled to quit but that I was now having doubts because di ko sila kayang iwan sa ere. They gave me another reason to hold on and keep moving.

And it has been very rewarding. More and more people expressed their support for Duterte. Survey results kept getting better. Best of all, people were starting to get angry. They started to see everything wrong about the government and they started to ask and demand for more. Dumami ang Pilipino na humihingi at kumampanya para sa TUNAY NA PAGBABAGO. Lami pud sa feeling na somehow I was part of that. I could not claim to have a big role in the campaign because no matter how stressed and no matter how little sleep and rest I got, there were hundreds more volunteers working even harder. Without pay and without the promise of favor, mind you.

But it was also taxing. Kapoy gyud kaayo. The black propaganda, mud, and dirt did not hurt as a campaigner, but I was offended as a Davaoeño, as a Filipino, as a human being. How dare they?! PAANO NILA NAIISIP NA GAWIN YAN? SAAN NILA NAKUKUHA ANG MGA KWENTONG YAN? BAKIT GANYAN SILA MAG-ISIP?

A lot of Davaoeños like me didn’t want Duterte to run for President. We anticipated it would be stressful for him. We foresaw how much mud would be thrown at him. But never in our wildest imagination did we anticipate that our beloved Davao City, our home would be so blatantly attacked with lies, unfounded accusations, and fabricated stories. Nakakasakit ng damdamin. Davao City is the home that nurtured and raised us. It is our safe haven. How dare you destroy our home with your lies? How dare you accuse our Mayor of wrongdoings of which you do not have proof of? Inutil ba kayo? Higit na dalawampung taon na nagsilbi si Duterte as a public servant of Davao City. Kung totoong kurakot siya, kung totoong mamamatay tao siya, kung totoong abusado at masamang tao siya, kayo na nasa national position, bakit wala kayong nagawa para kasuhan siya at para matanggal siya? BAKIT? Kung may agam-agam kayo sa pagkatao niya at sa pamamalakad niya, bakit ngayon lang? HOW DARE YOU INSULT OUR HOME AND OUR LEADER?! Hindi lang siya ang iniinsulto niyo dito kung di bawat Davaoeño na pinagsilbihan at inaruga niya.

I was excited for Holy Week 2016. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, “siguro naman kahit ilang araw lang, itong Semana Santa, tahimik muna ang buhay.” But I was wrong. I was so, so, soooo wrong. Black propaganda and bad news came left and right, all day, everyday during Holy Week. And then it happened. I had a meltdown. I spent Easter Sunday ranting and cursing to a group of friends. I was livid and could not calm down. I was in tears and could not stop crying. I cried myself to sleep. Medyo OA sa totoo lang. Actually hindi medyo… TALAGANG OA.

Pero eto yun eh, it has become personal. Insults came from all sides, accusing us of being Dutertards, of being stupid, shallow, indecent, morally ambiguous, and so much more. Bang! Bang! Bang! Walang tigil sila sa pagtira na tila baga sila lang ang tama, sila lang ang marunong mag-isip, sila lang ang mabuti. Ang may iilan na bastos at walang puso magsalita. May isang gagawa or magsasalita ng mali, lalahatin agad. Despite the fact that we’re the only campaign team to constantly remind our supporters to be respectful and not to bully. KAMI PA RIN ANG MALI.

Pero keri lang… ganun talaga. Galit ang mamamayan. Galit na galit. Pagod na ang mamamayan. Ilang taon din nilang kinimkim ang kanilang mga saloobin. I do not claim to be impoverished or that I grew up lacking. I had my family problems and personal struggles but my pains are no match for the daily struggles of many Filipinos. Kahit na di ko napagdaanan yung mga pinagdadaanan nila, pilit ko silang iniintindi. Gaya nang di ko man maintindihan ang karamihan sa mga sumusuporta sa ibang kandidato, pilit ko pa rin silang iniintindi. It’s part of the job. More importantly, yan ang pagiging makatao.

Duterte is not a perfect person. Pero eto yung na-appreciate ko sa kanya. Kung ano yung nakikita at naririnig natin ngayon, yun siya. Yun ang totoong siya. Hindi siya gaya ng isang manliligaw na best foot forward to impress at makuha ang oo mo. Tapos pag nakapag-commit ka na eh may tinatagong sungay pala. What you see is what you get. Ganun talaga siya. No pretensions. Walang branding. Walang bola.

Ang dami nang binato. Ganito, ganun, baka eto ang mangyari… so on, so forth. But we remain steadfast. Not because we are blind or deaf or stupid. We do not condone his sins. Our loyalty to him is testament not just to how much we trust and love him but more so to how little we trust the other candidates.

Galit ang tao. Sobra na ang pagpapahirap. Sabi ng iba asan daw ang plataporma sa ekonomiya? Baka raw mag-crash nanaman ang Philippine economy. That’s a legitimate question. But you see, yung majority sa mga taong gutom, pagod, naabuso, at takot, hindi yan ang prioridad nila. Hindi ang pagyaman ng Pilipinas ang mahalaga, kung di ang pagkakapantay-pantay ng bawat Pilipino. Kung mayaman nga ang bansa pero nananatiling mahirap ang karamihan sa Pilipino, para que?

Kung mayaman nga ang Pilipinas at marangal at magaling daw ang mga lider nito, bakit hinahayang naabuso ang karamihan sa mga Pilipino? Bakit hinahayaang maraming umaabuso? Bakit hangang ngayon, maraming batas ang Pilipinas na hindi ipinapasatupad? Bakit umiiral ang bulok na sistema ng gobyerno na nahahayaang mamuno ang mga korupt na lider?

Change does not happen in a day. Neither does progress. Pero eto yun eh. Di pa nga naihalal si Duterte, marami nang pagbabago sa paligid natin. Whether we like it or not, whether you support Duterte or not, you have been changed by these elections? Rinding-rindi, pagod na pagod, at asar na asar ka na sa walang sawang politics sa Facebook, Twitter, and even IRL. Ako hindi pa ako nagsasawa. My wish is people continue to be this passionate. Not for politics, but for the country. May we always be concerned about our country and about our citizens. Some of us may go back to posting and discussing entertainment and other less serious things after May 9. Pero hindi maikakaila that each one of us has been changed by these elections forever. Could this have happened if Duterte did not run and if his supporters aren’t as passionate as they have been? I doubt it. Aminin mo, you and your perspectives have been challenged. Di man nagbago desisyon mo, kahit papaano, napaisip ka.

Some people say, let us not unfriend or lose friendships over this. I beg to differ. These elections have brought out the best and worst in people. Hindi ito isang bagay na good for a few months lang or temporary. Yung mga ginawa natin, mga nasabi natin are reflections of who we really are. And I do not mean unfriending because of a difference in opinion. But there are people na come on, masama pala talaga ang pag-uugali. Do still want to be friends with these people? Nasasayo na yan. Me? I have not unfriended or blocked anybody yet. But I have changed how I feel about some people, from all camps.

A lot of Davaoeños say, kebs. Bahala kayo. Ayaw niyo kay Duterte, matalo man siya, keribells. Padayon ang pag uswag sa Davao. Again, I beg to differ. It has been so hard for us to have been called brainless retards who do not know better. Some of us say, maayo pa wala nato gi-share si Mayor. Mali. Mahirap man. At masakit. Napakasakit. We have to share. Because we have had it good for so long and we know that every Filipino deserves what we have not appreciated for a long time. Tama na ang pag-iisip lamang para sa sarili. Bayan naman!

I believe that whatever the outcome, talo ang Davaoeños. Should Mayor Duterte win, the haters will continue to hate and spew venom. Ihanda niyo ang sarili niyo. Should Mayor Duterte lose, the entire nation loses. Us included. As what my Daddy says when he campaigns for Duterte, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is a once in a century kind of leader. If he loses, it will take hundreds of years more before the Philippines will have another opportunity to have someone like him lead us. Let us not waste this opportunity.

Sa huli, pag nanalo man si Duterte, wag nating kaligtaan na may tungkulin tayo sa ating bayan. Utang ni Duterte sa atin ang kanyang pagkapanalo, wag natin siyang hayaan at iwanan. Paalalahanan natin siya na tuparin ang kanyang mga pangako at gawin ang kanyang tungkulin ng tapat, marangal, at walang napapabayaan.

This May 9, do not vote wisely. Vote with your conscience. Vote with the Philippine nation and EVERY FILIPINO in mind.

* * * * *

I would like to thank Sir Peter L, Sir Jun E, Sir Paul D, Sir John T, and the entire Media Central Team for this opportunity to serve with you. I has been an honor and an invaluable life experience that I will treasure.

And I would like to acknowledge everybody in my team, officially and unofficially, all the bloggers and social media influencers who have helped my job become easier and who have inspired me to do better:

  • Ace, Crislyn, Robert, Josef, Sunshine, Aldwin, Chito, Clau, Sp, Sarah A, Sarah D, Angel, Julie A, Julie E, Floraine, Algene, Miel, Emafe, Athina, April, and Naprey
  • Orman Manansala and Nino
  • Eric Su and Reisa Su
  • Donna Congson and the Congson family
  • Kyrie, Cathy, and Chiclet
  • RB, Kezia, SB, Verna, Anna G, Vanessa M, CP, Glen S, Pau, Mark C, A, Anna A, Arjay, Lovely, and Madie
  • Brendel and Lyle
  • Mark Macanas, Jeffrey and Jen Aspacio
  • Valerie, Mary Jane, and Tim
  • Sinjin, NT, Edcel and Sheena
  • Jay Jaboneta
  • Mon Cualoping
  • Kevin Maglinte and Rodel Montebon
  • Alexander and Lovette
  • Ruby, Phebie, Mike, Macky, Em, and Jacqs
  • and the many, many, many Filipinos here and abroad who have campaigned on social media.

I am overwhelmed and inspired by your tireless efforts and unwavering dedication. Sa simula pa lang, walang nagtanong ng tungkol sa pera at walang humingi ng credit. You are my rock. Salamat sa oras, pawis, at dugo na inyong walang sawang iginugol sa kampanyang ito. My heart overflows with gratitude. Daghang salamat gyud kaayo!

Liberalia 2014

Davao City, are you ready to glow?

Liberalia, happening on March 15 at the Concert Grounds of Crocodile Park, Davao City
Liberalia, happening on March 15 at the Concert Grounds of Crocodile Park, Davao City

This weekend, all roads lead to the Concert Grounds of Crocodile Park, Davao City, as Manic Nightnings invites you to liberate yourself and glow at Liberalia.

Don’t miss out on the biggest pre-Araw ng Dabaw party. Buy your ticket at any of the following outlets:

  • Soul Lifestyle at the 2nd Floor of Gaisano Mall Davao and at the 3rd Floor of Abreeza Ayala Mall Davao;
  • Cellar de Boca at the 2nd Floor of SM Lanang Premier; or
  • Backyard Burgers along Quimpo Boulevard.

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Pablo’s Effects Still Felt by Survivors

It has been one year since Typhoon Pablo (Bopha) hit the provinces of Compostela Valley, Davao Oriental, and Davao del Norte but its effects are still greatly felt by survivors. Classified as a Category 5 Typhoon, Typhoon Pablo struck on December 4, 2013. It affected over 6 million Filipinos and over 2,000 were left dead or are still missing.

Image by Anj Nacorda of
Kinablangan, Baganga, Davao Oriental
Image by Anj Nacorda of

Save the Children is an organization focused on giving children “what every child deserves – a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm.” They have been on site for many months now and they assert that there has to be an increase in support to help families fully recover the impact of Typhoon Pablo on their livelihood.
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The Off Price Show Davao

The Off Price Show Arrives in Mindanao

The shopping scene in Mindanao is about to get more exciting. Exactly one week from now, The Off Price Show Davao will open its gates to the shopping public here in Davao City.

The Off Price Show Davao
The Off Price Show Davao

The Off Price Show (TOPS) is a one-of-a-king shopping experience that brings together various Lifestyle Brands from all over the world in one humongous shopping event. Yes, H&M, Pull and Bear, Bershka, Pacsafe, Revlon, Umbro, and even Ikea are finally arriving in our shores.

One thing that makes it better than the usual bazaars and shopping expos we experience is the are the single payment portal set up where you don’t have to browse from one booth to another and pay for every purchase at each booth. You can browse throughout TOPS wide selection of wares and pay through one of several cashiers. It’s like a giant department store. Only with brands that we’ve never seen before.

And yes, you can shop conveniently with you credit card(SSS). And BDO Credit Card Holders automatically get a bonus 3 – 5% rebate for a minimum purchase of PhP3,000. And their purchases can be charged at 0% interest for 3 months.

The best thing about TOPS is that all the lifestyle brands are offered at DISCOUNTED PRICES for as low as 80% off. Imagine that.

So get your wallets ready, it’s time to start your Christmas shopping. Or maybe just to indulge yourself with some much needed retail therapy.

TOPS Davao opens on September 20, 2013, 10 am – 9 pm at the SMX Convention Center of SM Lanang Premier. It will be open to the shopping public until September 22, 2013. That’s only 3 days so make sure to get there before they close shop.

Entrance to TOPS Davao is free but don’t forget to register at this link. You must be logged on to Facebook to register.

See you at The OFF PRICE Show Davao from September 20 – 22, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center of SM Lanang Premier.

For more information, visit their website at or like their page at You can also follow them at and at www.instagram/the_offprice_show.

Team Bonguyan

Proud to Be Part of Team Bonguyan

I am proud to be part of Team Bonguyan.

Team Bonguyan
Team Bonguyan

Published from the Page of Luis “Louie” C. Bonguyan, congressional candidate for the First District of Davao City:

You can create and propagate a lie in one day. You can successfully destroy a person’s credibility. But in the end, you have achieved nothing good.

Team Bonguyan has ran a clean and honest campaign since the first time our candidate ran as Councilor of Davao City way back in 1988. We take immense pride in this and despite the odds, we have never and will never resort to bribery, vote buying, mud slinging, and black propaganda.

15 years of untainted record in public service is no mean feat. The entire city has witnessed that. If there’s one thing we are proud of it’s that our candidate has remained credible and trust worthy through his years as a public servant.

We believe in our candidate and in his platform. And if we win, it will be because our candidate has won over the people, fair and square.

We are and will always be proud to be part of Team Bonguyan.

Yes, very proud to be part of Team Bonguyan.

JCI Members and Barangay 21-C Representatives

Liter of Light Kicks Off in Davao City

The Junior Chamber International Philippines (JCIP) kicked off its 2013 Liter of Light Project in Davao City on December 29, 2012 at Barangay 21-C, Piapi.

JCI Member Anna Lim-Santiago
2013 Liter of Light National Chair JCI Mem Anna Lim-Santiago demonstrates the making of a Liter of Light

The Liter of Light project began in 2011 when the JCIP, led by 2011 National President JCI Senator Bernard Dy, became a partner of the My Shelter Foundation headed by JCI Mem Iliac Diaz. In 2013, My Shelter Foundation and JCIP aim to implement the Liter of Light Project in at least 100 cities and 10,000 households in the Philippines. It is the hope of 2013 National Chairman JCI Member Anna Lim-Santiago that this will be done through the efforts of JCI local organizations (LOs) throughout the Philippines.

In 2012, with the presence of then Immediate Past National President JCI Sen Bernard Dy and 2012 National Executive Vice-President JCI Sen Christine Garcia, Liter of Light was launched in Barangay Aquino, Agdao, Davao City on April 27, 2012. In the same year, with JCI Mem Ria Jose of JCI Duwaling as National Chair, the project was implemented in Legazpi, Bulacan, Palawan, Bohol, Iloilo, Aklan, Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Surigao City, Pagadian, Zamboanga, and Marilog District in Davao City.

JCI World VP JCI Sen Bernard Dy, Barangay 21-C Kagawad, JCIP National Treasurer JCI Sen Christine Garcia, 2013 NC JCI Mem Anna Lim, 2012 NC JCI Mem Ria Jose, 2013 JCI Duwaling Pres JCI Mem Lani Abapo
JCI World VP JCI Sen Bernard Dy, Barangay 21-C Kagawad, JCIP National Treasurer JCI Sen Christine Garcia, 2013 NC JCI Mem Anna Lim, 2012 NC JCI Mem Ria Jose, 2013 JCI Duwaling Pres JCI Mem Lani Abapo at Barangay 21-C for the Liter of Light 2013 Kick-Off

In the same year, Liter of Light represented by JCI Sen Bernard Dy received the award for Most Oustanding National Flagship Project during the JCI Asia-Pacific Conference held in Hong Kong last June and the same award during the JCI World Congress held in Taiwan last November. Liter of Light bested some 100+ entries worldwide.

For 2013, the launch was held at Barangay 21-C on December 29, 2012. NC Anna Lim demonstrated the construction of the Liter of Light while now JCI World Vice-President JCI Sen Bernard Dy personally installed the Liter of Light in the house of a volunteer homeowner, Mr Marcelo Ely.

2013 JCI World VP JCI Sen Bernard Dy
2013 JCI World VP JCI Sen Bernard Dy installs the Liter of Light at the home of Marcelo Ely

A Liter of Light is made using scrap or recycled materials such as PET bottles, scrap GI sheet, and some construction materials such as rubber sealant and rivets. Each Liter of Light will cost the homeowner around P50 with each Liter of Light installation lasting up to 5 years, giving off 55 watts of light. It has been reported that households using Liter of Light have saved as much as P400 in power charges.

Lighted home of Mr Marcelo Ely
Lighted home of Mr Marcelo Ely; no flash used

Present during the Kick-Off Installation was 2012 NEVP and 2013 National Treasurer JCI Sen Christine Garcia. The kick off installation was hosted by JCI Duwaling led by 2013 President JCI Mem Irelan Abapo. Also present were JCIP Davao Regional Vice-President JCI Sen Don Cabanog, and Davao chapters JCI Greater Davao led by 2013 President JCI Mem Patrick Puentespina and JCI Kadayawan led by 2013 President JCI Mem Joy Prado.

JCI Members at the Liter of Light Press Conference
JCI Members at the Liter of Light Press Conference

After the Kick Off Installation, a Press Conference and Victory Luncheon was held at Lispher Inn. The panel was composed of JCI World Vice-President for Asia and the Pacific JCI Senator Bernard F. Dy, JCI Philippines 2013 National Treasurer JCI Senator Christine Garcia, and 2013 National Chairman JCI Mem Anna Lim-Santiago. The three shared the history, journey, triumph, and future plans for Liter of Light.

Also present during the Press Conference were JCI Davao Region LOs JCI Davao Inc led by 2013 President JCI Mem Ryan Pasion and JCI Durian City represented by 2011 President JCI Mem Don Lanzar.

The Press Conference was hosted by this blogger, JCI Member Ria Jose, 2012 National Chairman for Liter of Light.

In behalf of the 2012 JCI Philippines Liter of Light Team, I would like to thank the JCI LOs and members who implemented Liter of Light in 2012:

  • JCI Legazpi Dawani,
  • JCI Makati,
  • JCI Puerto Princesa Peacock,
  • JCI Boholana Kisses,
  • JCI Western Visayas Region,
  • JCI Aklan Kalantiao,
  • JCI Cagayan de Oro Inc and JCI Bai Lawanen,
  • JCI Iligan and JCI Duwaling,
  • JCI Surigao Inc and JCI Surigao Wensie,
  • JCI Greater Pagadian,
  • JCI Zamboanga Inc,
  • JCI Jambangan, and
  • JCI Central Davao.

Many thanks also to friends from the media and the blogger communities who helped in igniting the light through their write ups! Special thanks to Mark Cabrera for creating some 2012 Liter of Light materials!

Members of the media and Bloggers at the Press Con
Members of the media and Bloggers at the Press Con

The Junior Chamber International (JCI) is the leading global organization of young active citizens. JCI is membership-based nonprofit organization of 200,000 young people ages 18 to 40 in 5,000 communities and more than 100 countries around the world. The JCI Mission is “to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.”

In the Philippines, there are more than 140 chapters with 9 chapters based in Davao Region.

JCI Duwaling is a Davao-based all female chapter of the JCI. Duwaling is an amalgamation of Durian and Waling Waling, two of the most popular symbols of Davao. In 2013 the theme of JCI Duwaling is “WALING: Women Aspiring to Lead and Inspire for Nation-Building and Growth.” The 2013 JCI Duwaling President is JCI Member Irelan Abapo, an entrepreneur. The organization has more than 20 Dabawenya members composed of professionals and entrepreneurs. Their page is at