Manila Day 9: Politics and a Rock Fest

Late start…

  • Had sinigang and beef steak for lunch. Ate it when I woke up at 2 pm. LOL!
  • Spent the afternoon online. Then prepared for a looong night!
  • I was a bit early for the dinner with political bloggers so I went to Theatre Mall. Had a very delicious Iced Cafe Mocha at Starbucks, then bought a nice hair accessory. Naks naman… nagpapaka-girl. LOL!
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Manila Day 8: A Movie, A Lamb, and DOTA!

Day 8, a Friday, was a slow one for me…

  • I woke up at lunchtime and hurried as I had a meeting scheduled at 2 pm. Had a veryyy hard time getting a cab. When I was already near the meeting place, some sort of miscommunication happened and I THOUGHT that the meeting was either canceled or postponed so I went to Trinoma instead.
  • Trinoma is ginourmous! I decided to watch a movie ALONE! Whattaloser! So I bought some Oliver’s Sandwich and Dalandan Juice and settled in to watch Forbidden Kingdom! HURRAH! Ang galing… yun lang… SOBRANG GALING!
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Manila Day 7: An Interview and A Movie

May 1, 2008, Labor Day:

  • Woke up early to meet up with a journalist/blogger. Went to Gateway, drank Cafe Mocha at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf because I was early. Then, we met up at Pancake House where we had a very interesting and lively conversation about blogging and the gaming scene.
  • Went back to Kuya Andrew‘s house to rest but ended by twitting around and chatting with people.
  • Left for Greenbelt at around 4 pm, went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (again!) to have some Mango Smoothie and the Asian Chicken Salad.
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Manila Day 6

Kinda short day…

  • Woke up late. Ate lunch. Surfed the internet.
  • Disturbed by the noise of my cute nieces arriving. They’re so adorable talaga!!!
  • Went to Greenhills… again! Ate Unagi Sushi at Teriyaki Boy again! YUM! YUM! For only PhP100 and they don’t charge an additional 10% service tax.
  • Ate Crunchy Tiramisu and Fudgy Chocolate Cake at Cibo. SINFUL!
  • Drank Mocha eXtreme at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and it definitely woke me up!
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Manila Day 5

Another boring post…

  • Kuya and I woke up before lunchtime. Ate yummy sinigang and beef kaldereta.
  • We both got bored so we decided to strut around Greenhills.
  • Drank Coffee with Coffee Pudding at Quickly. YUMMEH!
  • I got bored at V Mall and Shoppesville, but managed to buy a nice dress at Theatre Mall.
  • Happy, happy at Fully Booked but the two books I wanted to buy weren’t in good condition anymore.
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