Manila Day 3

I woke up at around 9:30 am, took a bath, ate breakfast, and prepared for a day of gallivanting around. At around 11 am, Kuya, Winston, and I met up with Juned. After a while, Ate Aileen also arrived.

We went to Binondo. YEY! We ate at Estero where we had Yang Chow Fried Rice, Scallops with Mushrooms, Sweet and Sour Pork, and Oyster Cake. YUM YUM YUM!

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iBlog 4 Part 1

I’m here at Malcolm Hall, UP Dilimian attending the iBlog 4.

Charo Naguid just finished her talk. Brian Gorrell’s video was also shown. Now people are given the opportunity to promote their blogs. Blogie already promoted Mindanao Bloggers. Azrael Codilla, Tech at Hand, and some others also promoted.

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Manila Day 1

I went GROSSLY overbudget… HUHU!

Our flight PR 810 arrived slightly late. And there was this godawful kid on our flight who was crying most of the time. We picked up Winston and Blogie from the Cebu Pacific terminal. We then dropped off our things at Kuya Andrew’s house, then went directly to Razon’s for some lunch. Kuya and I shared on Pancit Palabok and Sizzling Bulalo. It was alright, I guess. I also had a sylvana.

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