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PBA Bloggers Choice Award 2010 Nominee
PBA Bloggers Choice Award 2010 Nominee

Hi there! Welcome to my blog!

I am voting for my own blog, Life with Ria for the Philippine Blog Awards 2010 Bloggers Choice Award. I am voting for my blog because I have blogged sincerely and earnestly the past year. I have shared my life, my knowledge and skills, my interests and passions, and all that I have through this blog. You can say that my life has been an open blog. LOL! I try to be witty sometimes.

I hope you’ll consider voting for my blog too.

For your consideration, here are some of my blog posts from the past year that I think best represent my blog and the things I am passionate about:

  • Julie and Julia… and Me: “It’s not about cooking and baking. But love and passion.”
  • This is Mindanao: “The artwork highlights the differences in beliefs, culture, and lifestyle of the three groups. It is the aspiration of every Davaeoño, every Mindanaoan that these three groups will live in peace together, cooperating to uplift and develop our land of promise… Mindanao.”
  • Being a Duck: “Paddling… crazy ass fighting of emotions, struggling to beat the odds, to survive this crazy life. As I’ve told a good friend, I have not been ok for quite sometime, and I have been lonely. But I’m ok with that. I am used to not being ok. Used to struggling. I am not sinking. I will not sink. I’m a duck. I will put up a brave, pretty front while I struggle to survive.”
  • Starting the New Year: “May 2010 be kinder, more fruitful, and more productive for all those who deserve it. A toast to beauty, truth, happiness, peace, and love! May we all get what we deserve.”
  • Seven Things to do When You’re in a Relationship: “In Episode 14, Kim Sam Soon and Sam Shik finally dates, FOR REAL! And Sam Soon tells Sam Shik they should do seven things as a couple. And because I’m channeling Kim Sam Soon, my next boyfriend, as in real boyfriend (no more pretend boyfriends) will have to suffer having to do these seven things.”
  • Kalilangan in General Santos City Day 1: “Kalilangan is General Santos City’s annual foundation day headed by the General Santos City Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This year’s celebration is directed by the Orman Manansala and celebrated with the theme, ‘Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Present, Embracing the Future.'”
  • Losing Love and Losing Confidence: “Losing love makes you question yourself, who you are and what you’re worth. It makes one question one’s being, one’s strengths and weaknesses. It makes one look at herself under more scrutiny. Even the most secure person will probably question her worth and place in the world.”
  • To the One Who Broke My Heart: “So, thank you! Because the pain, sadness, and tears made me realize that I deserve better. That my resilient heart deserves to be taken care of. That my willingness to give and sacrifice deserves to be appreciated. Even if I grew up broken, filled with self-doubt and insecurities, I am a person worth loving.”
  • Davao Noontime Toastmasters: “I thought I was a good public speaker. I thought wrong. Attending the meeting was a very humbling experience. I was scared out of my wits and stammered and stuttered the entire time. FAIL!”
  • One More Chance: “It might seem impossible for a lot of us who have been broken up with before by people whom we loved and cared for dearly. But the Popoy tells us, and Tricia is his proof, that there is hope to find somebody better who will heal the wounds of the past relationship.”
  • How to be a Dedicated Smoker: “Second, do not share your cigarettes so that you won’t run out of supplies. Keep them in a safe place. Especially, when you are out drinking with your friends, do not put your pack on the table where everybody else can access it. Same goes for your lighter. Do not let others borrow it. Coz as we all know, it’s so convenient to take home other people’s lighters.”
  • My Super Mommy: “She is super and she is super at a lot of things, but the one thing I really love and admire about my super Mommy, is how she loves… sincerely, whole-heartedly, unconditionally. She never fails to tell us “I love you.” And she does not just tell us, she shows us in many different ways how much she loves us.”
  • Dengue and Then Some: “I have to cancel some work and rakets, some trips, and a lot of other stuff because while I am a Diyosa who survived on a platelet count of just 8, I am still human. Luckily, my body has been strong enough not to bleed or have hemorrhages or any of the terrible symptoms or ITP. The only good news, which is probably the best news is that I AM ALIVE. Some patients have died even with higher platelet counts.”
  • Pagbabago: “For as long as I can explore new things and continue learning and growing, I will live. And this time around, it’s with a better attitude and a better perspective of life. Because the greatest news is… I AM ALIVE!”
  • Why Travel?: “Travelling also exposes a person a wealth of knowledge that can be intellectual or philosophical that further enhances the experiences of the senses. Meeting new people, experiencing unique cultures and traditions, and observing things that are beyond one’s comfort zone do not just contribute to a person’s happiness, but more so to his moral, spiritual, and emotional growth.”
  • Riality Bites: Of Rules and Exceptions: “Unlike mathematics or physics, love and relationships can’t be deducted into generalizations, theorems, postulates, and proofs. Each situation is different. Each person, each couple or un-couple is unique. The dynamics of one relationship cannot be the basis for comparison or conclusion of another. There are no real rules in love and relationships.”

And here are some podcasts I did the past year:

The mechanics for voting are as follows:

To vote, you MUST be a Filipino blogger, which means, you need to own a blog. You might be blogging on Blogger, WordPress.Com, Live Journal, Friendster, Multiply, Tumblr, or on a self-hosted blog—it doesn’t matter—the point is, you need to have a blog to vote. Your blog must be established at least three (3) months from today with a minimum of 10 posts.

Choose only ONE (1) blog from the list of official Bloggers’ Choice Award nominees. On your blog, tell us why you voted for the nominee. Yes, you can vote for your own blog. And no, you cannot vote for a blog that is not on the list of official Bloggers’ Choice Award nominees.

The excitement does not end there. This year’s Bloggers’ Choice Award will be presented by Nokia. *wink* *wink*

After publishing your blog post, leave your entry’s URL on the comments at the PBA Blog Post. The PBA Inc will be recording all blog URLs submitted before 11:59 PM of December 11, 2010.

One blogger is only entitled with one vote.

Once you have submitted your vote post URL, wait for the confirmation from one of the committee members. Please be patient, the committee will manually go through each and every vote post to make sure it’s valid.

Again, choose from the list of nominees, vote by blogging about the blog you want to vote for *ehem*LIFE WITH RIA at*ehem*, and comment at this LINK with the URL of your blog post.

To all the nominees, good luck! But I do hope I bag this one, haha! 😉

Thanks to all the people who have read my posts, commented, and supported me in my blogging!

Live. Love. Learn. <3

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